20 Collocations Related to Work

Work is more than just a place or activity—it’s a central part of our lives that comes with its own vocabulary. In the professional world, certain phrases or collocations help us express our experiences, challenges, and achievements more precisely. This blog post delves into 20 essential collocations related to work, each with a brief definition and a succinct example, perfect for enhancing your business English or simply boosting your vocabulary for daily work conversations.

Collocations Related to Work

1. Work Ethic

Meaning: One’s attitude towards work responsibilities.

Example: She’s known for her strong work ethic.

2. Workload

Meaning: Amount of work assigned to a person.

Example: His workload has doubled recently.

3. Work Permit

Meaning: Official document allowing one to work in a foreign country.

Example: She applied for a work permit.

4. Work Experience

Meaning: Previous professional experiences.

Example: He has five years of work experience.

5. Work Environment

Meaning: The setting in which work is done.

Example: They have a supportive work environment.

6. Work Schedule

Meaning: The planned hours during which work occurs.

Example: Her work schedule is flexible.

7. Work-Life Balance

Meaning: Equilibrium between work and personal life.

Example: He values his work-life balance.

8. Workstation

Meaning: Area where one works.

Example: Her workstation is ergonomically set up.

9. Work Plan

Meaning: Outline of tasks to complete a project.

Example: We reviewed the work plan today.

10. Work Party

Meaning: A social event with colleagues.

Example: The annual work party was fun.

11. Work History

Meaning: Record of jobs held.

Example: His work history is impressive.

12. Work Flow

Meaning: Sequence of steps to complete tasks.

Example: We streamlined our workflow.

13. Work Shift

Meaning: Period during which one is scheduled to work.

Example: She’s on the night work shift.

14. Work Force

Meaning: All the employees of a company or country.

Example: The workforce is diverse.

15. Work Habits

Meaning: Regular practices or ways of working.

Example: Her work habits include thorough planning.

16. Work Assignment

Meaning: Task given to an employee.

Example: He completed his work assignment early.

17. Work Clothes

Meaning: Apparel suitable for a job.

Example: Wear your work clothes to the factory.

18. Work Break

Meaning: A pause from work activities.

Example: She took a work break at noon.

19. Work Benefits

Meaning: Advantages provided by employment beyond salary.

Example: The work benefits include health insurance.

20. Work Accident

Meaning: An accident that occurs in the course of work.

Example: He reported the work accident immediately.

Collocations Related to Work

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