20 Handy Collocations with Make

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The verb “make” is one of the most versatile in the English language, forming numerous collocations used in daily conversation. These combinations convey specific actions and are crucial for expressing ideas clearly and effectively.

From making decisions to making friends, this post explores 20 essential collocations with “make,” each explained with a succinct definition and a brief example to help you master their usage.

Collocations with “Make”

1. Make Plans

Meaning: Arrange future activities.

Example: Let’s make plans for the weekend.

2. Make Money

Meaning: Earn money.

Example: She knows how to make money.

3. Make Friends

Meaning: Form new friendships.

Example: He went to the party to make friends.

4. Make Progress

Meaning: Advance towards a goal.

Example: They are making progress on the project.

5. Make a Difference

Meaning: Have a significant impact.

Example: Volunteers can make a difference.

6. Make a Decision

Meaning: Decide something.

Example: It’s time to make a decision.

7. Make a Mistake

Meaning: Do something wrong.

Example: Everyone can make a mistake.

8. Make an Effort

Meaning: Try hard to achieve something.

Example: She made an effort to be on time.

9. Make Noise

Meaning: Produce sound, often loud.

Example: The children were making noise.

10. Make Dinner

Meaning: Prepare the evening meal.

Example: I’ll make dinner tonight.

11. Make Changes

Meaning: Alter or modify something.

Example: We need to make changes to the plan.

12. Make Sense

Meaning: Be logical or understandable.

Example: His explanation makes sense.

13. Make an Appointment

Meaning: Arrange a meeting.

Example: I need to make an appointment with the doctor.

14. Make a Call

Meaning: Place a phone call.

Example: Please make a call to confirm.

15. Make a Promise

Meaning: Commit to doing something.

Example: He made a promise to return.

16. Make a Speech

Meaning: Deliver a formal address.

Example: The mayor will make a speech at the ceremony.

17. Make an Offer

Meaning: Propose a deal or a price.

Example: They decided to make an offer on the house.

18. Make Peace

Meaning: Resolve conflict.

Example: It’s time to make peace with your past.

19. Make a Complaint

Meaning: Express dissatisfaction.

Example: He went to make a complaint about the service.

20. Make Excuses

Meaning: Justify or explain failure.

Example: Stop making excuses and start working!

Collocations with Make

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