20 Expressions with “Wrong” (Very Helpful)

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The word “wrong” is versatile and widely used in everyday language, often highlighting mistakes, inaccuracies, or injustices. From relationships to law, and ethics to personal opinions, “wrong” finds its place, shaping the tone of discussions and expressions. This blog post dives into 20 common expressions featuring the word “wrong,” providing concise definitions and examples to enhance your understanding and usage of each.

Expressions with Wrong

1. Dead Wrong

Meaning: Completely incorrect.

Example: He was dead wrong about the deadline.

2. Get It Wrong

Meaning: Make a mistake.

Example: I got the time wrong.

3. Go Wrong

Meaning: To fail or have problems.

Example: The project went wrong quickly.

4. On the Wrong Foot

Meaning: Start something poorly.

Example: We started on the wrong foot.

5. Rub Someone the Wrong Way

Meaning: Irritate or annoy someone.

Example: His tone rubbed her the wrong way.

6. Wrong Side of the Tracks

Meaning: A less respectable area of town.

Example: He’s from the wrong side of the tracks.

7. In the Wrong

Meaning: To be at fault or mistaken.

Example: She admitted she was in the wrong.

8. Wrong Turn

Meaning: Make a bad decision or mistake in direction.

Example: I took a wrong turn and got lost.

9. Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Meaning: Retaliating doesn’t solve a problem.

Example: Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right.

10. Prove Wrong

Meaning: Show that something is incorrect.

Example: He proved the critics wrong.

11. Steer Wrong

Meaning: Give bad advice.

Example: I hope I didn’t steer you wrong.

12. Wrong Number

Meaning: A mistake in dialing a phone number.

Example: Sorry, you have the wrong number.

13. Wrong Idea

Meaning: Misunderstanding.

Example: She got the wrong idea from his email.

14. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Meaning: Pursuing a mistaken or misguided line of thought or action.

Example: You’re barking up the wrong tree with that theory.

15. Bet on the Wrong Horse

Meaning: To support a losing cause.

Example: It looks like we bet on the wrong horse.

16. Born on the Wrong Side of the Blanket

Meaning: Born to parents not legally married.

Example: He was born on the wrong side of the blanket.

17. Get Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Meaning: To start the day in a bad mood.

Example: He got up on the wrong side of the bed today.

18. Wrong Footing

Meaning: To start or proceed in a mistaken or awkward way.

Example: The negotiation started on the wrong footing.

19. Do Someone Wrong

Meaning: Treat someone unfairly.

Example: He did her wrong by not showing up.

20. Back the Wrong Horse

Meaning: To support a losing side or faction.

Example: I backed the wrong horse in that argument.

Expressions with Wrong

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