15 Expressions Related to Habits

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Habits play a crucial role in our daily lives, shaping our actions and routines. Understanding expressions related to habits can enhance your communication skills. Here are 15 expressions related to habits, each with a short meaning and example sentence.

Expressions Related to Habits

1. Creature of Habit

Meaning: Someone who likes routine.
Example: Sarah is a creature of habit; she runs daily.

2. Old Habits Die Hard

Meaning: Habits are difficult to change.
Example: He still smokes; old habits die hard.

3. In the Habit Of

Meaning: Regularly doing something.
Example: I’m in the habit of reading before bed.

4. Break the Habit

Meaning: Stop a regular activity.
Example: John is trying to break the habit of smoking.

5. Kick the Habit

Meaning: Quit a bad habit.
Example: She finally kicked the habit of biting her nails.

6. Bad Habit

Meaning: A negative routine action.
Example: Chewing gum loudly is a bad habit.

7. Force of Habit

Meaning: Done automatically.
Example: I locked the door by force of habit.

8. Get into the Habit Of

Meaning: Start doing something regularly.
Example: Try to get into the habit of exercising.

9. Hard Habit to Break

Meaning: A challenging routine to quit.
Example: Drinking coffee every morning is a hard habit to break.

10. Make a Habit Of

Meaning: Regularly practice something.
Example: Don’t make a habit of skipping meals.

11. Habit-forming

Meaning: Likely to become a habit.
Example: This medication is not habit-forming.

12. Out of Habit

Meaning: Due to routine, not a necessity.
Example: He called his ex out of habit.

13. Fall Into a Habit

Meaning: Start a routine naturally.
Example: She fell into the habit of jogging daily.

14. Habitual

Meaning: Done regularly.
Example: He’s a habitual latecomer to meetings.

15. Pavlovian Response

Meaning: Automatic reaction to a stimulus.
Example: Hearing the bell is a Pavlovian response.

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