Learn 20 Newspaper Expressions in English

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Newspaper expressions are phrases commonly used in journalism to convey specific meanings concisely. Understanding these expressions can help readers better interpret news articles. Here are 20 essential newspaper expressions with their meanings and example sentences.

Newspaper Expressions

1. Byline

Meaning: Author’s name at the article’s start.
Example: The byline showed the journalist’s name.

2. Lead

Meaning: Opening paragraph summarizing the article.
Example: The lead captured the story’s main points.

3. Headline

Meaning: Title summarizing the main news.
Example: The headline grabbed the readers’ attention.

4. Caption

Meaning: Text explaining a photograph or graphic.
Example: The caption described the scene in detail.

5. Scoop

Meaning: Exclusive news story before competitors.
Example: The reporter got a scoop on the scandal.

6. Column

Meaning: Regular article by the same writer.
Example: Her column covers local political issues.

7. Editorial

Meaning: Article expressing the newspaper’s opinion.
Example: The editorial criticized the new policy.

8. Feature

Meaning: In-depth article on a specific topic.
Example: The feature explored climate change impacts.

9. Masthead

Meaning: Information about the newspaper’s staff and ownership.
Example: The masthead listed all the key editors.

10. Op-Ed

Meaning: Opinion piece by guest writers.
Example: The op-ed offered a unique perspective.

11. Retraction

Meaning: Correction of an incorrect published statement.
Example: The newspaper issued a retraction for the error.

12. Sidebar

Meaning: Short article related to a main story.
Example: The sidebar provided additional context.

13. Dateline

Meaning: Indicates the place and date of the reporting.
Example: The dateline read ‘Paris, May 10th’.

14. Press Release

Meaning: Official statement issued to the media.
Example: The company sent out a press release.

15. Newswire

Meaning: Service that provides news to various media.
Example: The story came from a newswire service.

16. Investigative Journalism

Meaning: In-depth reporting to uncover hidden facts.
Example: Investigative journalism revealed the corruption.

17. Beat

Meaning: Specific topic or area assigned to a journalist.
Example: Her beat includes education and local schools.

18. Editor-in-Chief

Meaning: Head editor responsible for the newspaper’s content.
Example: The editor-in-chief approved the final layout.

19. Circulation

Meaning: Number of copies distributed.
Example: The newspaper’s circulation increased this year.

20. Copy

Meaning: Written content of a news story.
Example: The reporter submitted the final copy.

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Newspaper Expressions

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