15 Compound Adjectives Starting With “Well”

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Compound adjectives are formed when two words combine to act as a single descriptor. This blog post explores fifteen compound adjectives that begin with “well,” providing short meanings and example sentences for each.

Compound Adjectives With Well

1. Well-known

Meaning: Famous or recognized

Example: The actor is well-known worldwide.

2. Well-liked

Meaning: Popular or liked

Example: She is well-liked by everyone.

3. Well-behaved

Meaning: Having good manners

Example: The children are well-behaved at school.

4. Well-dressed

Meaning: Wearing stylish clothes

Example: He is always well-dressed for meetings.

5. Well-spoken

Meaning: Articulate or eloquent

Example: The speaker was well-spoken and clear.

6. Well-read

Meaning: Knowledgeable from reading

Example: She is well-read in literature.

7. Well-off

Meaning: Wealthy or affluent

Example: They are well-off and travel often.

8. Well-educated

Meaning: Having good education

Example: He is well-educated with multiple degrees.

9. Well-organized

Meaning: Efficiently arranged

Example: The event was well-organized and smooth.

10. Well-established

Meaning: Firmly founded

Example: The business is well-established and thriving.

11. Well-informed

Meaning: Knowledgeable or aware

Example: She is well-informed about current events.

12. Well-equipped

Meaning: Properly furnished

Example: The lab is well-equipped for research.

13. Well-balanced

Meaning: Stable or harmonious

Example: He has a well-balanced diet and lifestyle.

14. Well-built

Meaning: Strongly constructed

Example: The house is well-built and sturdy.

15. Well-groomed

Meaning: Neatly maintained

Example: He is always well-groomed and tidy.

Compound Adjectives With Well

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