20 Telephone Collocations in English

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Understanding telephone collocations can help you communicate more effectively over the phone. Here are 20 common telephone collocations, each with a short meaning and an example sentence.

1. Make a Call

Meaning: Dial a phone number.
Example: She needs to make a call now.

2. Answer the Phone

Meaning: Respond to a ringing phone.
Example: Please answer the phone, it’s ringing.

3. Hang Up

Meaning: End a phone call.
Example: He hung up after the conversation.

4. Call Back

Meaning: Return a phone call.
Example: I’ll call you back later.

5. Hold the Line

Meaning: Wait on the phone.
Example: Please hold the line for a moment.

6. Pick Up the Phone

Meaning: Answer a ringing phone.
Example: She picked up the phone quickly.

7. Leave a Message

Meaning: Provide a recorded message.
Example: Please leave a message after the beep.

8. Miss a Call

Meaning: Not answer a call.
Example: I missed your call earlier.

9. Put Through

Meaning: Connect a caller.
Example: I’ll put you through to John.

10. Cut Off

Meaning: Disconnect a call suddenly.
Example: We were cut off in mid-conversation.

11. Phone In

Meaning: Call a place of work.
Example: She phoned in sick today.

12. Speak Up

Meaning: Talk louder on the phone.
Example: Can you speak up, please?

13. Ring Off

Meaning: End a phone call.
Example: She rang off after saying goodbye.

14. Call Collect

Meaning: Call where the recipient pays.
Example: He made a call collect from abroad.

15. Phone Back

Meaning: Return a phone call.
Example: I’ll phone you back soon.

16. Dial a Number

Meaning: Enter a phone number to call.
Example: He dialed the number quickly.

17. Put on Hold

Meaning: Pause a call temporarily.
Example: She put me on hold for minutes.

18. Receive a Call

Meaning: Get an incoming call.
Example: I received a call from my friend.

19. Drop a Call

Meaning: Lose connection unexpectedly.
Example: We dropped the call while driving.

20. Transfer a Call

Meaning: Redirect a call to another line.
Example: Can you transfer my call to HR?

Telephone Collocations

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