20 Expressions with “Live” in English

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In everyday English, the word “live” appears in various expressions that enrich our language. This blog post explores 20 common phrases featuring “live,” offering insights into their meanings and usage. Whether in spoken or written form, understanding these expressions will enhance your English communication skills.

Expressions with “Live”

1. Live and learn

  • Meaning: Learn from experiences and mistakes.
  • Sentence: Make mistakes, then live and learn.

2. Live it up

  • Meaning: Enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Sentence: On vacation, I really live it up.

3. Live wire

  • Meaning: A highly energetic person.
  • Sentence: She’s a live wire at parties.

4. Live down

  • Meaning: Overcome something embarrassing.
  • Sentence: He can’t live down that mistake.

5. Live on

  • Meaning: Continue to exist or survive.
  • Sentence: His memory will live on forever.

6. Live off

  • Meaning: Depend on financially.
  • Sentence: He lives off his inheritance now.

7. Live out

  • Meaning: Fulfill a desire or dream.
  • Sentence: She lived out her childhood dreams.

8. Live through

  • Meaning: Endure an unpleasant experience.
  • Sentence: They lived through tough times together.

9. Live up to

  • Meaning: Meet expectations or standards.
  • Sentence: He always lives up to promises.

10. Live by

  • Meaning: Follow principles or rules.
  • Sentence: He lives by his own code.

11. Live for

  • Meaning: Consider something as a purpose.
  • Sentence: He lives for his music career.

12. Live with

  • Meaning: Accept or tolerate a condition.
  • Sentence: You must live with your choices.

13. Live apart

  • Meaning: Not live together, stay separate.
  • Sentence: They live apart but are happy.

14. Live large

  • Meaning: Spend a lot, live extravagantly.
  • Sentence: After winning, he lived large.

15. Live beyond one’s means

  • Meaning: Spend more than one can afford.
  • Sentence: She often lives beyond her means.

16. Live in the moment

  • Meaning: Focus on the present, not future.
  • Sentence: Always try to live in the moment.

17. Live out of a suitcase

  • Meaning: Travel frequently, not settle.
  • Sentence: He’s always lived out of a suitcase.

18. Live under a rock

  • Meaning: Be unaware of common knowledge.
  • Sentence: Do you live under a rock?

19. Live in fear

  • Meaning: Be constantly afraid.
  • Sentence: No one should live in fear.

20. Live a lie

  • Meaning: Pretend; lead a life of deception.
  • Sentence: She can no longer live a lie.

Expressions with “Live”

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