Phrasal Verbs with Lie

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Phrasal verbs, which pair the verb “lie” with various prepositions or adverbs, enrich the English language with nuanced expressions. These combinations alter the basic meaning of “lie,” providing a variety of ways to express different actions and intentions. This post explores 20 such phrasal verbs, detailing their meanings and illustrating their usage in sentences.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with “Lie”:

  1. Lie about
  2. Lie ahead
  3. Lie around
  4. Lie back
  5. Lie before
  6. Lie behind
  7. Lie down
  8. Lie in
  9. Lie low
  10. Lie off
  11. Lie on
  12. Lie out
  13. Lie over
  14. Lie through
  15. Lie to
  16. Lie under
  17. Lie up
  18. Lie upon
  19. Lie with
  20. Lie within

Phrasal Verbs With “Lie” And Their Meanings

Lie to

Meaning: To give false information to someone.

Example: I can’t believe she would lie to me like that.

Lie on

Meaning: To rest or press on a surface.

Example: The responsibility of cooking dinner lies on her tonight.

Lie under

Meaning: To be subjected to something.

Example: The city lies under a strict curfew tonight.

Lie about

Meaning: To speak falsely or deceitfully about something.

Example: He often lies about his age to seem younger.

Lie ahead

Meaning: To exist in the future; to be in store.

Example: Many challenges lie ahead for the newly elected government.

Lie around

Meaning: To be left untidily; not in its proper place.

Example: Clothes and books were lying around the room.

Lie back

Meaning: To recline or lean backwards.

Example: Lie back on the sofa and relax for a while.

Lie before

Meaning: To exist or be present in front of.

Example: A long road lies before them on their journey.

Lie behind

Meaning: To be the hidden reason for something.

Example: Many factors lie behind the decision to relocate.

Lie down

Meaning: To place oneself in a horizontal position.

Example: He decided to lie down after feeling dizzy.

Lie in

Meaning: To remain in bed later than usual.

Example: On weekends, she likes to lie in until late morning.

Lie low

Meaning: To avoid attention or remain inconspicuous.

Example: He decided to lie low until the controversy subsided.

Lie off

Meaning: To remain at some distance from the shore or another ship.

Example: The ship lay off the coast for several days.

Lie out

Meaning: To be outside or in the sun.

Example: They chose to lie out on the beach all afternoon.

Lie over

Meaning: To remain unresolved or pending.

Example: The matter will lie over until the next meeting.

Lie through

Meaning: To deceive thoroughly or completely.

Example: He lied through his teeth during the interrogation.

Lie up

Meaning: To stay in bed due to illness or rest.

Example: She had to lie up for a week after her surgery.

Lie upon

Meaning: To be a duty or responsibility of someone.

Example: The duty to care for the pets lies upon my brother while I’m away.

Lie with

Meaning: To be the responsibility or decision of someone.

Example: It lies with the council to decide the next course of action.

Lie within

Meaning: To exist within; to be contained within boundaries or limits.

Example: The power to change things lies within you.

Phrasal Verbs with Lie

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