Phrasal Verbs with Make

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Phrasal verbs are integral to mastering the English language, providing nuances in meaning through the combination of verbs and prepositions or adverbs. In this blog post, we explore the various phrasal verbs associated with the verb “make,” which are widely used in everyday conversations and writing.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Make:

  1. Make up
  2. Make out
  3. Make over
  4. Make of
  5. Make off
  6. Make for
  7. Make into
  8. Make away
  9. Make through
  10. Make towards
  11. Make under
  12. Make up for
  13. Make with
  14. Make from
  15. Make over to
  16. Make onto
  17. Make good
  18. Make do
  19. Make after
  20. Make round

Phrasal Verbs With Make And Their Meanings

Make up

Meaning: To invent a story or lie.

Example: She made up a story about why she was late.

Make over to

Meaning: To legally transfer something.

Example: He made over his property to his son.

Make out

Meaning: To discern or see something with difficulty.

Example: I can hardly make out the sign in this fog.

Make over

Meaning: To completely transform.

Example: They made over the old car to look brand new.

Make of

Meaning: To understand or interpret.

Example: What do you make of his new proposal?

Make off

Meaning: To escape or leave quickly.

Example: The robbers made off with the stolen goods.

Make for

Meaning: To go towards; to contribute to.

Example: He made for the door as soon as the meeting ended.

Make into

Meaning: To change someone or something to be something else.

Example: She made the spare room into an office.

Make away

Meaning: To leave or escape with something.

Example: The thieves made away with the artwork.

Make through

Meaning: To succeed in reaching a place or completing something despite difficulties.

Example: They made it through the storm safely.

Make towards

Meaning: To move or head towards.

Example: She made towards the exit as the crowd cheered.

Make under

Meaning: To underestimate or understate.

Example: He always makes under the amount of time needed for projects.

Make up for

Meaning: To compensate for something.

Example: He tried to make up for his mistake by apologizing.

Make with

Meaning: To produce or provide something.

Example: Please make with the details of your plan.

Make from

Meaning: To create or construct from.

Example: This cheese is made from raw milk.

Make onto

Meaning: To become aware of or join.

Example: They made onto the board after months of efforts.

Make good

Meaning: To succeed or fulfill.

Example: He made good on his promise to return.

Make do

Meaning: To manage with the available resources.

Example: We’ll have to make do with what we have for dinner.

Make after

Meaning: To follow or pursue.

Example: The police made after the fleeing suspect.

Make round

Meaning: To visit or meet people in various places.

Example: She made round all the local bookshops looking for that rare edition.

Phrasal Verbs with Make

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