Phrasal Verbs with Mark

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Understanding phrasal verbs can significantly improve your English fluency and comprehension. In this blog post, we will explore 20 phrasal verbs that include the word “mark.” These expressions are commonly used in everyday conversations and writing. Let’s dive into these versatile phrases to help you enhance your language skills.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Mark:

  1. Mark down
  2. Mark up
  3. Mark out
  4. Mark off
  5. Mark against
  6. Mark along
  7. Mark for
  8. Mark out for
  9. Mark up against
  10. Mark back
  11. Mark over
  12. Mark through
  13. Mark under
  14. Mark with
  15. Mark by
  16. Mark onto
  17. Mark from
  18. Mark towards
  19. Mark aside
  20. Mark away

Phrasal Verbs With Mark And Their Meanings

Mark Down

Meaning: To reduce the price of something.

Example: The store marked down the prices during the sale.

Mark Up

Meaning: To increase the price or value of something.

Example: The retailer marked up the jewelry before the holiday season.

Mark Aside

Meaning: To set aside for a specific purpose.

Example: Mark this data aside for the upcoming audit.

Mark Out

Meaning: To outline or plan something in detail.

Example: The architect marked out the boundaries on the blueprint.

Mark Off

Meaning: To indicate that something is completed or acknowledged.

Example: She marked off the items on her checklist as she completed them.

Mark Against

Meaning: To note something as a negative point.

Example: His lateness was marked against him during the performance review.

Mark Along

Meaning: To make marks at intervals along something.

Example: He marked along the edge of the paper to ensure straight cuts.

Mark For

Meaning: To designate or select something for a specific purpose.

Example: This box has been marked for donation.

Mark Out For

Meaning: To show potential or suitability for a particular path.

Example: She is marked out for greatness in her field.

Mark Up Against

Meaning: To compare unfavorably with someone or something.

Example: His work is often marked up against his colleagues’.

Mark Back

Meaning: To return to an earlier point in a text or conversation.

Example: Let’s mark back to what we discussed earlier about the budget.

Mark Over

Meaning: To review or check something thoroughly.

Example: He marked over the contract twice before signing it.

Mark Through

Meaning: To draw a line through text to indicate it should be ignored or deleted.

Example: Mark through any outdated information in the document.

Mark Under

Meaning: To underline text.

Example: Please mark under all the important dates in the schedule.

Mark With

Meaning: To indicate or specify using a mark.

Example: Each box was marked with a number for inventory purposes.

Mark By

Meaning: To show the presence or influence of something.

Example: His tenure was marked by significant technological advancements.

Mark Onto

Meaning: To transfer a mark or label onto another surface.

Example: She marked the logo onto the fabric.

Mark From

Meaning: To distinguish or differentiate from others.

Example: It’s hard to mark her response from the others because they are so similar.

Mark Towards

Meaning: To contribute or aid in progressing towards something.

Example: Every small donation marks towards the project’s success.

Mark Away

Meaning: To record or note down intermittently.

Example: He marked away the results as they came in during the experiment.

Phrasal Verbs with Mark

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