Phrasal Verbs with Meet

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Phrasal verbs are integral to mastering English, making conversations and writing more natural and fluent. In this guide, we focus on phrasal verbs that incorporate the word “meet.” These combinations are often used in various contexts, from business meetings to casual encounters. Understanding these phrases will help you communicate more effectively and confidently.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Meet:

  1. Meet up
  2. Meet with
  3. Meet out
  4. Meet along
  5. Meet under
  6. Meet over
  7. Meet through
  8. Meet off
  9. Meet back
  10. Meet by
  11. Meet for
  12. Meet in
  13. Meet on
  14. Meet out to
  15. Meet across
  16. Meet beyond
  17. Meet around
  18. Meet after
  19. Meet down
  20. Meet into

Phrasal Verbs With Meet And Their Meanings

Meet After

Meaning: To see each other following an event.

Example: We’ll meet after the concert ends.

Meet Up

Meaning: To come together with someone deliberately.

Example: Let’s meet up after work for coffee.

Meet With

Meaning: To have a meeting or encounter with someone.

Example: She will meet with the clients tomorrow morning.

Meet Out

Meaning: To distribute or allocate.

Example: The committee will meet out the funds among the finalists.

Meet Along

Meaning: To encounter or come across while moving along a route.

Example: We might meet along the trail if you start now.

Meet Under

Meaning: To come together in less than ideal circumstances.

Example: They had to meet under secretive conditions.

Meet Over

Meaning: To discuss or review something in a meeting.

Example: We’ll meet over the details of the contract next week.

Meet Through

Meaning: To be introduced to someone through a mutual connection

Example: I met her through a common friend.

Meet Off

Meaning: To counter or offset.

Example: We need to meet off these expenses with the budget increase.

Meet Back

Meaning: To return to a place to meet someone.

Example: I will meet you back at the hotel.

Meet By

Meaning: To encounter someone by chance.

Example: I met him by chance at the supermarket.

Meet For

Meaning: To gather for a purpose or event.

Example: They regularly meet for brunch on Sundays.

Meet In

Meaning: To come together in a specific place.

Example: Let’s meet in the conference room at noon.

Meet On

Meaning: To agree on something or find common ground.

Example: We finally met on the terms of the agreement.

Meet Out To

Meaning: To extend outward to meet something or someone.

Example: The pier meets out to the sea.

Meet Across

Meaning: To encounter or meet someone across a distance or barrier.

Example: They met across the crowded room.

Meet Beyond

Meaning: To exceed expectations or go beyond a meeting point.

Example: His performance met beyond all our expectations.

Meet Around

Meaning: To gather or assemble in various places.

Example: We meet around the park for our morning runs.

Meet Down

Meaning: To come down to a place to meet

Example: Meet me down at the riverside.

Meet Into

Meaning: To join or integrate into a group or gathering.

Example: She quickly met into the new team and felt comfortable.Phrasal Verbs with Meet

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