Phrasal Verbs with Let

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Exploring phrasal verbs is essential for anyone learning English, as they add nuance and depth to conversation. This post focuses on phrasal verbs starting with “let,” a common verb in everyday usage. Understanding these will enrich your vocabulary and improve your understanding of English phrases.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with “let”:

  1. Let down
  2. Let in
  3. Let off
  4. Let out
  5. Let up
  6. Let through
  7. Let by
  8. Let on
  9. Let over
  10. Let to
  11. Let across
  12. Let along
  13. Let away
  14. Let back
  15. Let down on
  16. Let into
  17. Let out on
  18. Let up on
  19. Let over to
  20. Let through to

Phrasal Verbs With “Let” and Their Meanings

Let up

Meaning: To become less intense or severe.

Example: The rain didn’t let up all day.

Let over to

Meaning: To transfer control or responsibility.

Example: The old shop was let over to his son.

Let in

Meaning: To allow someone to enter.

Example: Can you let in the guests as they arrive?

Let down

Meaning: To disappoint someone; to lower something physically.

Example: I felt let down by my team when they didn’t show up for the meeting.

Let off

Meaning: To excuse from punishment; to emit noise, smoke, or fire.

Example: He was let off with a warning instead of a fine.

Let out

Meaning: To allow to leave; to make a garment larger.

Example: The school let out the students early due to the snowstorm.

Let through

Meaning: To allow to pass through a checkpoint or barrier.

Example: The security guard let through the VIPs without a check.

Let by

Meaning: To allow to go by without interference.

Example: They let by the chance to invest in the startup.

Let on

Meaning: To reveal or disclose information.

Example: Don’t let on about the surprise party.

Let over

Meaning: To allow to remain or overlap.

Example: The tablecloth was let over the sides of the table.

Let to

Meaning: To rent out a property.

Example: The apartment was let to a young couple.

Let across

Meaning: To allow to cross over.

Example: The bridge lets traffic across the river.

Let along

Meaning: To ignore or not interfere.

Example: They never let along the problems at work.

Let away

Meaning: To release or let go.

Example: The balloons were let away into the sky.

Let back

Meaning: To allow to return.

Example: He was let back into the club after apologizing.

Let down on

Meaning: To reduce support or help.

Example: They let down on their efforts after the initial success.

Let into

Meaning: To allow entry into a group or inside a building.

Example: She was let into the elite social club after a rigorous vetting process.

Let out on

Meaning: To release information or secrets.

Example: He accidentally let out on the company’s future plans.

Let up on

Meaning: To reduce the amount of pressure or intensity.

Example: The coach let up on the training schedule after seeing the players’ fatigue.

Let through to

Meaning: To connect someone to another person via communication.

Example: The receptionist let me through to the manager’s office.

Phrasal Verbs with Let

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