Phrasal Verbs with Knock

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Phrasal verbs are a key part of learning English, offering unique ways to express ideas with a combination of verbs and prepositions or adverbs. Today, we’re exploring phrasal verbs that incorporate the verb “knock.” Understanding these will enhance your fluency and help you sound more like a native speaker. Here’s a simple guide to mastering 20 common phrasal verbs involving “knock.”

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with “knock”

  1. Knock about
  2. Knock around
  3. Knock back
  4. Knock down
  5. Knock into
  6. Knock off
  7. Knock out
  8. Knock over
  9. Knock up
  10. Knock together
  11. Knock under
  12. Knock against
  13. Knock aside
  14. Knock on
  15. Knock through
  16. Knock up against
  17. Knock back into
  18. Knock down to
  19. Knock out of
  20. Knock over with

Phrasal Verbs With “Knock” and Their Meanings

Knock aside

Meaning: To push or hit something out of the way.

Example: He knocked aside the branches blocking the path.

Knock into

Meaning: To bump or crash into something.

Example: He accidentally knocked into a stranger on the crowded train.

Knock about

Meaning: To travel or wander without a specific purpose.

Example: He spent the summer knocking about Europe with just a backpack.

Knock back

Meaning: To drink something quickly, especially an alcoholic drink.

Example: After a long day at work, she knocked back a couple of beers.

Knock down

Meaning: To hit something so that it falls; to reduce the price.

Example: The store knocked down the prices for a quick sale.

Knock around

Meaning: To treat someone roughly or to wander from place to place.

Example: The old friends knocked around the old neighborhood recalling their childhood memories.

Knock off

Meaning: To stop working, typically at the end of the day; to produce a copy of something cheaply.

Example: They knock off from work at six.

Knock out

Meaning: To defeat someone or something decisively; to render unconscious.

Example: The new product knocked out its competitors with its innovative design.

Knock over

Meaning: To accidentally hit something causing it to fall.

Example: She knocked over the vase while dusting the shelf.

Knock up

Meaning: To wake someone by knocking at their door; in British English, to impregnate someone.

Example: I’ll knock you up at six tomorrow morning for the early meeting.

Knock together

Meaning: To make or build something quickly using whatever is available.

Example: He knocked together a makeshift shelter from branches and leaves.

Knock under

Meaning: To force to submit or to overwhelm.

Example: The small company was knocked under by the economic crisis.

Knock against

Meaning: To accidentally hit against something.

Example: Be careful not to knock your knees against the corner of the table.

Knock on

Meaning: To impact or affect, especially in a chain reaction.

Example: The increase in oil prices knocked on to the costs of other goods.

Knock through

Meaning: To create an opening or hole in a wall.

Example: They planned to knock through the wall to make the kitchen larger.

Knock up against

Meaning: To frequently encounter or struggle with something.

Example: She often knocked up against bureaucracy in her work.

Knock back into

Meaning: To cause something to return to its original state through force.

Example: The mechanic knocked the dent back into shape.

Knock down to

Meaning: To reduce something to a lower level or state.

Example: They knocked the old building down to make way for the new development.

Knock out of

Meaning: To force someone or something out of a certain state or condition.

Example: The team was knocked out of the tournament in the first round.

Knock over with

Meaning: To overwhelm someone with something, typically an emotion.

Example: He was knocked over with excitement when he heard the news.

Phrasal Verbs with Knock

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