Phrasal Verbs with Lay

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Phrasal verbs are not just linguistic expressions but gateways to mastering conversational English. In this post, we’re diving into phrasal verbs that start with the verb “lay.” Whether you’re a beginner or looking to polish your fluency, understanding these phrasal verbs will help you communicate more effectively.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with “lay”

  1. Lay aside
  2. Lay away
  3. Lay down
  4. Lay into
  5. Lay off
  6. Lay out
  7. Lay over
  8. Lay up
  9. Lay by
  10. Lay on
  11. Lay across
  12. Lay along
  13. Lay about
  14. Lay for
  15. Lay low
  16. Lay open
  17. Lay out for
  18. Lay past
  19. Lay to
  20. Lay under

Phrasal Verbs With “Lay” and Their Meanings

Lay out for

Meaning: To spend money on something.

Example: They laid out a fortune for the new car.

Lay down

Meaning: To establish rules or to give up arms.

Example: The company laid down new policies for remote work.

Lay into

Meaning: To criticize someone harshly or attack physically.

Example: He really laid into me for arriving late.

Lay aside

Meaning: To save or reserve for future use.

Example: She laid aside some money every month for her vacation.

Lay away

Meaning: To reserve something for purchase by making a deposit or paying over time.

Example: I laid away a dress for the summer ball at the boutique.

Lay off

Meaning: To temporarily dismiss employees; to stop bothering someone.

Example: The factory had to lay off several workers during the economic downturn.

Lay out

Meaning: To spread something out to be seen; to explain something clearly or to plan.

Example: He laid out the documents on the table for review.

Lay over

Meaning: To make a stop during a journey.

Example: We have a layover in Dubai before we reach our final destination.

Lay up

Meaning: To store or save for future use; to confine someone to bed due to illness.

Example: She was laid up with a broken leg for several weeks.

Lay by

Meaning: To save or put aside, usually money or goods.

Example: They laid by enough firewood for the winter.

Lay on

Meaning: To provide or supply, often generously.

Example: They laid on a wonderful spread of food at the wedding.

Lay across

Meaning: To place something horizontally over something else.

Example: He laid the beam across the gap to create a temporary bridge.

Lay along

Meaning: To lie or extend along a surface.

Example: The cat laid along the sunny windowsill.

Lay about

Meaning: To attack or criticize someone vigorously.

Example: He laid about him with a stick to fend off the attackers.

Lay for

Meaning: To wait in ambush.

Example: The police laid for the suspects at their known hideouts.

Lay low

Meaning: To hide or keep a low profile, often to avoid trouble or attention.

Example: He decided to lay low until the situation cooled down.

Lay open

Meaning: To reveal or expose something to public view.

Example: The report laid open the facts for everyone to see.

Lay past

Meaning: To store up as a reserve.

Example: They laid past provisions for the winter months.

Lay to

Meaning: To bring a ship to a stop.

Example: The captain gave the order to lay to during the storm.

Lay under

Meaning: To impose or subject someone to something.

Example: He was laid under strict orders not to discuss the case.

Phrasal Verbs with Lay

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