Important Adjective and Preposition Combinations

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Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence. They provide more information about an object’s size, shape, age, color, origin, or material. Adjectives are often used to describe the qualities or states of beings, such as ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘large’, ‘small’, ‘beautiful’, ‘ugly’, ‘smooth’, ‘rough’, ‘narrow’, and ‘broad’.


Prepositions are words used before nouns, pronouns, or other substantives to express their relationship with other words in the sentence. They typically indicate direction, location, time, or the introduction of an object. Common prepositions include ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘at’, ‘from’, ‘with’, ‘by’, ‘of’, ‘about’, and ‘for’.

Adjective and Preposition Combinations

Adjective and preposition combinations, also known as prepositional phrases when combined with the object of the preposition, are a fundamental part of English grammar. These combinations consist of an adjective followed by a preposition, creating a unique expression that often conveys a specific meaning or nuance that is not always directly inferable from the individual words themselves.

These combinations are important for several reasons:

  1. Nuance and Precision: They allow speakers to convey more precise or nuanced information about the subject. For example, “interested in” suggests an inclination towards something, while “skilled in” implies proficiency.
  2. Idiomatic Expressions: Many adjective-preposition combinations are idiomatic, meaning their meanings cannot be deduced merely from the individual words. Knowing these combinations is essential for fluency and natural-sounding language.
  3. Contextual Clarity: They can provide essential contextual details that clarify how an adjective relates to the rest of the sentence. For example, “afraid of” clarifies that the fear is directed towards something specific.
  4. Conversational and Written Depth: These combinations enrich both conversational and written English, allowing for more sophisticated and varied expression.

Understanding and mastering these combinations can significantly enhance one’s ability to communicate effectively and expressively in English.

Adjective and Preposition Combinations

Adjectives + Prepositions IN

  1. Interested in
  2. Skilled in
  3. Successful in
  4. Confident in
  5. Rich in
  6. Poor in
  7. Versatile in
  8. Experienced in
  9. Involved in
  10. Engaged in
  11. Immersed in
  12. Proficient in
  13. Absorbed in
  14. Invested in
  15. Rooted in
  16. Grounded in
  17. Specialized in
  18. Fluent in
  19. Deficient in
  20. Abundant in

Adjectives + Prepositions OF

  1. Proud of
  2. Full of
  3. Capable of
  4. Afraid of
  5. Tired of
  6. Free of
  7. Independent of
  8. Aware of
  9. Desirous of
  10. Supportive of
  11. Critical of
  12. Envious of
  13. Worthy of
  14. Representative of
  15. Devoid of
  16. Conscious of
  17. Suspicious of
  18. Fond of
  19. Terrified of
  20. Protective of

Adjectives + Prepositions AT

  1. Good at
  2. Talented at
  3. Skilled at
  4. Excellent at
  5. Proficient at
  6. Adept at
  7. Inept at
  8. Angry at
  9. Surprised at
  10. Amazed at
  11. Laughing at
  12. Bad at
  13. Efficient at
  14. Successful at
  15. Expert at
  16. Terrible at
  17. Annoyed at
  18. Astounded at
  19. Disappointed at
  20. Shocked at

Adjectives + Prepositions FROM

  1. Different from
  2. Distant from
  3. Free from
  4. Safe from
  5. Exempt from
  6. Protected from
  7. Absent from
  8. Recovered from
  9. Removed from
  10. Independent from
  11. Separate from
  12. Divergent from
  13. Alienated from
  14. Excluded from
  15. Released from
  16. Distinct from
  17. Benefited from
  18. Far from
  19. Detached from
  20. Liberated from

Adjectives + Prepositions BY

  1. Accompanied by
  2. Amazed by
  3. Surrounded by
  4. Inspired by
  5. Impressed by
  6. Abandoned by
  7. Followed by
  8. Haunted by
  9. Influenced by
  10. Overwhelmed by
  11. Fascinated by
  12. Enchanted by
  13. Intrigued by
  14. Captivated by
  15. Frightened by
  16. Horrified by
  17. Charmed by
  18. Offended by
  19. Appalled by
  20. Embarrassed by

Adjective and Preposition Combinations

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