List of Prepositions in English (2024)

Below is the list of prepositions in English. This list of prepositions with example sentences is very important to learn in English. This list will help you in speaking English fluently. Let us first learn what exactly the prepositions are:

List of Prepositions in English

Here is the list of 150+ prepositions in English grammar:

on offshore underwater
above but next to
like prior to downstairs
with regard to far for
aside to onto
regardless of notwithstanding before
outside of in front of with reference to
into away from underfoot
plus upside through
worth in view of in case of
out alongside against
upside-down per about
besides in light of except
cum around upon
in favor of/in favour of under excluding
thanks to amongst given
on behalf of on account of pro
toward/towards opposite together with
astride close to among
amidst from over
hence up to outside
on board amid off of
out of in addition to considering
except for unto up unti
after as well as behind
concerning by means of as per
in between in face of of
in spite of up beside
but for until/till with
apart from during in
minus save inside
beforehand underneath along with
down toward along
far from as excepting
throughout since pending
below past following
as to unlike bar
between gone further to
save for ahead away
because of according to counting
depending on upstairs due to
circa aside from preparatory to

100 Prepositions List in English

List of Prepositions With Examples

List of Prepositions of Time:

Here is the list of prepositions of time with Example Sentences:

  1. About: I’ll be there in about ten minutes.
  2. After: Let’s meet up after the movie.
  3. Ago: He left the company a year ago.
  4. Around: The party starts around 7 PM.
  5. At: The meeting is scheduled at 2:30 PM.
  6. Before: Please arrive 15 minutes before the appointment.
  7. By: I’ll finish the report by tomorrow.
  8. Circa: The event took place circa 1990.
  9. During: I read a book during my lunch break.
  10. Following: Following the instructions, I completed the task.
  11. For: We’ll be on vacation for a week.
  12. From: He works from Monday to Friday.
  13. Gone: She has been gone for hours.
  14. In: The package will arrive in two days.
  15. On: We have a meeting on Wednesday.
  16. Past: She left the house past midnight.
  17. Prior to: Prior to the event, there will be a rehearsal.
  18. Since: He has been working here since 2010.
  19. Until/till: The store is open until/till 9 PM.
  20. Up to: You can stay up to a maximum of two weeks.
  21. Up until: I worked up until midnight.

List of Prepositions of Place:

Here is the list of prepositions of place with Example Sentences:

  1. Aboard: We went aboard the ship for the cruise.
  2. Above: The painting hangs above the fireplace.
  3. Across: The park is across the street.
  4. Against: The bike is leaning against the wall.
  5. Alongside: The car was parked alongside the road.
  6. Amid: We found peace amid the chaos.
  7. Among: Share the candies among the children.
  8. Apart from: Apart from the noise, it’s quiet here.
  9. Astride: He sat astride the horse.
  10. At: I’ll meet you at the coffee shop.
  11. Atop: The flag waved atop the mountain.
  12. Behind: The keys are behind the door.
  13. Below: The fish swim below the surface.
  14. Beneath: The treasure is buried beneath the sand.
  15. Beside: She stood beside her friend.
  16. Between: The cat squeezed between the boxes.
  17. Beyond: There’s a world beyond our imagination.
  18. By: The house is by the river.
  19. Close to: The store is close to the mall.
  20. Far: The beach is far from here.
  21. Far from: It’s far from the city center.
  22. Forward of: He sat forward of the driver.
  23. From: We traveled from Paris to London.
  24. In: The book is in the drawer.
  25. In between: The cat is in between the cushions.
  26. In front of: The car is parked in front of the house.
  27. Inside: It’s warm inside the room.
  28. Into: The cat jumped into the box.
  29. Minus: Four minus two equals two.
  30. Near: The park is near the school.
  31. Near to: The store is near to the beach.
  32. Next to: She lives next to the park.
  33. Of: The cup is made of glass.
  34. Off: The cat jumped off the table.
  35. On: The cat is on the bed.
  36. On board: We’re on board the plane.
  37. On top of: The book is on top of the shelf.
  38. Onto: He climbed onto the roof.
  39. Upon: She found a note upon the table.
  40. Opposite: The store is opposite the bank.
  41. Out: The cat went out the door.
  42. Out of: We ran out of ice cream.
  43. Outside: It’s raining outside.
  44. Outside of: The cat is outside of the house.
  45. Over: The plane flew over the mountains.
  46. Round: Let’s sit round the campfire.
  47. Through: We walked through the forest.
  48. Throughout: The music played throughout the night.
  49. To: We’re going to the park.
  50. Together with: He came to the party together with his sister.
  51. Toward/towards: They walked toward the city.
  52. Under: The cat is hiding under the table.
  53. Underneath: The treasure is hidden underneath the stairs.
  54. Up against: The car is up against the wall.
  55. With: She’s standing with her friends.
  56. Within: The keys are within the box.
  57. Without: I can’t live without my phone.

List of Prepositions of Movement:

Here is the list of prepositions of movement with Example Sentences:

  1. Above: The bird flew above the trees.
  2. Across: We swam across the river.
  3. Against: The wind pushed against us.
  4. Ahead: Keep walking ahead.
  5. Along: We walked along the beach.
  6. Along with: She ran along with her dog.
  7. Amid: They danced amid the celebrations.
  8. Around: We drove around the city.
  9. Away: The balloon floated away.
  10. Away from: They moved away from the city.
  11. Behind: She’s running behind us.
  12. Below: The fish swam below us.
  13. Beneath: The treasure is buried beneath.
  14. By means of: We traveled by means of a car.
  15. Down: She climbed down the ladder.
  16. Further to: We walked further to the lake.
  17. In between: The cat is in between the cushions.
  18. Into: He jumped into the pool.
  19. Off: She hopped off the bus.
  20. Off of: Get off of the boat.
  21. On: The cat jumped on the bed.
  22. Onto: He climbed onto the roof.
  23. Over: The horse jumped over the fence.
  24. Out of: She came out of the cave.
  25. Past: We walked past the old house.
  26. Round: The Earth revolves round the Sun.
  27. Through: We drove through the tunnel.
  28. Toward/towards: They sailed toward the island.
  29. Under: The cat crawled under the table.
  30. Up: The bird flew up into the sky.
  31. Via: We reached the destination via the highway.

List of Prepositions of Manner:

Here is the list of prepositions of manner with Example Sentences:

  1. About: She spoke about her travels.
  2. According to: According to the report, it’s safe.
  3. Anti: He’s anti-violence.
  4. As: He dressed as a clown for the party.
  5. As for: As for me, I’ll stay here.
  6. As per: The project is progressing as per plan.
  7. As to: As to your question, it’s a complex issue.
  8. As well as: She sings as well as she dances.
  9. Aside from: Aside from the rain, it’s a nice day.
  10. Bar: He’s barred from entering.
  11. Barring: Barring any issues, we’ll meet tomorrow.
  12. Because of: We canceled because of the storm.
  13. Besides: Besides, there’s another option.
  14. But for: But for your help, I’d be lost.
  15. By: She succeeded by hard work.
  16. But: I have no choice but to go.
  17. Concerning: Concerning the matter, we’ll discuss it.
  18. Considering: Considering the cost, it’s worth it.
  19. Contrary to: Contrary to belief, it’s possible.
  20. Counting: Counting you, there are five of us.
  21. Cum: He ordered pizza cum pasta.
  22. Depending on: The outcome depends on you.
  23. Despite: Despite the rain, we went out.
  24. Due to: The delay was due to traffic.
  25. Except: Everyone except Sarah came.
  26. Except for: Except for one, all were present.
  27. Excepting: Excepting the boss, we’re done.
  28. Excluding: Excluding tax, the cost is $10.
  29. Given: Given the chance, I’ll prove myself.
  30. In addition to: In addition to work, he studies.
  31. In case of: In case of fire, use the exit.
  32. In face of: In face of danger, stay calm.
  33. In favor of/in favour of: The vote was in favor of the motion.
  34. In light of: In light of new info, we changed plans.
  35. In spite of: In spite of obstacles, we succeeded.
  36. In view of: In view of the facts, we decided.
  37. Including: The package includes a gift.
  38. Instead of: Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  39. Less: It costs less than expected.
  40. Like: She runs like the wind.
  41. Notwithstanding: Notwithstanding the rain, we went out.
  42. Of: The smell is typical of roses.
  43. On account of: On account of his illness, he stayed home.
  44. On behalf of: On behalf of the team, I accept the award.
  45. Other than: Other than that, it’s perfect.
  46. Owing to: Owing to your help, we finished early.
  47. Pending: The issue is pending resolution.
  48. Per: The cost is $10 per person.
  49. Plus: Two plus two equals four.
  50. Preparatory to: We had a meeting preparatory to the event.
  51. Pro: He’s a pro in his field.
  52. Re: I received an email re your inquiry.
  53. Regarding: Regarding your question, here’s the answer.
  54. Regardless of: We welcome guests regardless of age.
  55. Save: Save your energy for later.
  56. Save for: Save for one mistake, it’s perfect.
  57. Saving: Saving the best for last.
  58. Than: She’s taller than her sister.
  59. Thanks to: Thanks to your help, we succeeded.
  60. Unlike: Unlike his brother, he’s quiet.
  61. Versus: The match is France versus Germany.
  62. With: She’s eating with a fork.
  63. With reference to: With reference to your question.
  64. With regard to: With regard to the project.
  65. Worth: The painting is worth a fortune.

A to Z List of Prepositions

Here is the A to Z list of prepositions with examples;

  1. Aboard: We stepped aboard the ship as it set sail.
  2. About: Let’s talk about your plans for the weekend.
  3. Above: The moon shone brightly above the horizon.
  4. According to: According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.
  5. Across: They walked hand in hand across the bridge.
  6. After: We had lunch after the meeting.
  7. Against: The soccer team competed against their rivals.
  8. Ago: The concert took place a week ago.
  9. Ahead: The path ahead is full of adventure.
  10. Along with: I brought my camera along with
  11. Along: We strolled along the beach at sunset.
  12. Alongside: The car parked alongside the curb.
  13. Amid: The birds chirped loudly amid the trees.
  14. Amidst: She found peace amidst the chaos.
  15. Among: Share the candies among the children.
  16. Amongst: The treasure was hidden amongst the rocks.
  17. Anti: They protested anti the new policy.
  18. Apart from: Apart from the rain, the weather is nice.
  19. Apart: They live far apart from each other.
  20. Around: The cat chased its tail around in circles.
  21. As for: As for me, I prefer tea over coffee.
  22. As per: You can leave early as per your manager’s instructions.
  23. As to: He is undecided as to which movie to watch.
  24. As well as: She excels in math as well as in science.
  25. As: She worked as a teacher for many years.
  26. Aside from: Aside from the rain, it was a great day.
  27. Aside: He put the book aside and took a break.
  28. Astride: He sat astride the horse.
  29. At: We’ll meet you at the coffee shop.
  30. Atop: The flag flew proudly atop the mountain.
  31. Away from: They moved away from the noisy city.
  32. Away: The children ran away from the storm.
  33. Bar: The bar is open, so let’s have a drink.
  34. Barring: Everyone is invited, barring
  35. Because of: We postponed the picnic because of the rain.
  36. Before: Please arrive 10 minutes before the event.
  37. Beforehand: We discussed the plan beforehand.
  38. Behind: The car was parked behind the building.
  39. Below: The temperature dropped to 0°C and below.
  40. Beneath: The treasure was buried beneath the sand.
  41. Beside: She sat beside her best friend.
  42. Besides: Besides English, she speaks Spanish.
  43. Between: The cat squeezed between the boxes.
  44. Beyond: There’s a world beyond our imagination.
  45. But for: But for your help, I couldn’t have done it.
  46. But: I like all fruits but not bananas.
  47. By means of: We communicate by means of
  48. By: The letter was delivered by the mailman.
  49. Circa: The book was written circa
  50. Close to: The store is close to the park.
  51. Concerning: We need to talk concerning your grades.
  52. Considering: Considering the options, I chose this one.
  53. Contrary to: Contrary to expectations, the team won.
  54. Counting: We have ten people counting
  55. Cum: We ordered spaghetti cum
  56. Depending on: The price varies depending on the size.
  57. Despite: She smiled despite her disappointment.
  58. Down: The rain poured down from the sky.
  59. Downstairs: The party is downstairs in the basement.
  60. Due to: The delay was due to bad weather.
  61. During: I read a book during my lunch break.
  62. Except for: I like all fruits, except for
  63. Except: Everyone is invited, except
  64. Excluding: The team won, excluding the captain.
  65. Far from: She is far from satisfied with the service.
  66. Far: The cabin is far from civilization.
  67. Following: The presentation is scheduled following
  68. For: She bought a gift for her friend’s birthday.
  69. Forward of: The captain stood forward of the ship.
  70. From: We drove from the city to the countryside.
  71. Further to: We need to go further to reach our destination.
  72. Given: Given the circumstances, we can’t proceed.
  73. Gone: He has been gone for a week.
  74. Hence: The road ahead is closed, hence we must turn back.
  75. In addition to: In addition to the cake, we have ice cream.
  76. In between: The book is in between the two others.
  77. In case of: In case of an emergency, call 911.
  78. In face of: In face of danger, he remained calm.
  79. In favor of/in favour of: The vote was in favor of the proposal.
  80. In front of: He’s standing in front of the building.
  81. In light of: In light of recent events, we made changes.
  82. In spite of: She succeeded in spite of the obstacles.
  83. In view of: In view of the facts, we decided to proceed.
  84. In: The keys are in the drawer.
  85. Including: The package includes all the necessary items.
  86. Inside: It’s warm inside the house.
  87. Instead of: He chose tea instead of
  88. Into: The cat jumped into the box.
  89. Less: He has less experience than she does.
  90. Like: She dances like a professional.
  91. Minus: Three minus two equals one.
  92. Near to: The hotel is near to the beach.
  93. Near: The park is near our house.
  94. Next to: She sat next to her best friend at the party.
  95. Notwithstanding: Notwithstanding the rain, the event continued.
  96. Of: The cup is made of
  97. Off of: Get off of the bus at the next stop.
  98. Off: The plane took off into the sky.
  99. Offshore: The oil rig is located offshore.
  100. On account of: The delay was on account of bad weather.
  101. On behalf of: I accept this award on behalf of my team.
  102. On board: We went on board the cruise ship for our vacation.
  103. On top of: The cat perched on top of the fence.
  104. On: The book is on the table.
  105. Onto: The cat climbed onto the roof.
  106. Opposite: The restaurant is opposite the movie theater.
  107. Other than: He had no friends other than his dog.
  108. Out of: He climbed out of the swimming pool.
  109. Out: They went out for a walk.
  110. Outside of: The playground is outside of the school.
  111. Outside: It’s raining outside.
  112. Over: The plane flew over the mountains.
  113. Owing to: The event was canceled owing to low attendance.
  114. Past: We walked past the old church.
  115. Pending: The decision is pending further review.
  116. Per: The price is $10 per
  117. Plus: Two plus two equals four.
  118. Preparatory to: We had a meeting preparatory to the launch.
  119. Prior to: We need to finish the project prior to the deadline.
  120. Pro: He is a pro in his field.
  121. Re: I received a letter re your inquiry.
  122. Regarding: I have a question regarding the assignment.
  123. Regardless of: We welcome guests regardless of their age.
  124. Round: They sat round the campfire.
  125. Save for: Save for one mistake, it was a perfect score.
  126. Save: Everyone save John arrived on time.
  127. Saving: They all attended, saving
  128. Since: I haven’t seen her since last year.
  129. Than: She is taller than her sister.
  130. Thanks to: We succeeded thanks to your help.
  131. Through: The tunnel goes through the mountain.
  132. Throughout: The music played throughout the night.
  133. To: She gave the gift to her friend.
  134. Together with: She cooked dinner together with her husband.
  135. Toward/towards: They walked toward/towards the city center.
  136. Toward: He walked toward the horizon.
  137. Under: The cat hid under the bed.
  138. Underfoot: Be careful underfoot; there’s a wet floor.
  139. Underneath: The treasure is hidden underneath the stairs.
  140. Underwater: They explored the reef underwater.
  141. Unlike: Unlike his brother, he is very quiet.
  142. Until/till: The store is open until/till 9 PM.
  143. Until: We waited until the rain stopped.
  144. Unto: We offer our condolences unto your family.
  145. Up against: The team is up against a tough opponent.
  146. Up to: You can choose any color up to your preference.
  147. Up until: I worked up until
  148. Up: The balloon floated up into the sky.
  149. Upon: She placed the crown upon her head.
  150. Upside: The glass fell upside down and broke.
  151. Upside-down: The world looked upside-down in the mirror.
  152. Upstairs: He’s upstairs in his room.
  153. Versus: The match is France versus
  154. Via: We communicated via
  155. With reference to: With reference to your email, I will reply.
  156. With regard to: There are no issues with regard to your request.
  157. With: He ate his meal with a fork.
  158. Within: The solution is within
  159. Without: I can’t live without my phone.
  160. Worth: The painting is worth a lot of money.


list of 100 prepositions

list of preposition

lList of Prepositions in English Grammar

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