Adjectives Followed by Preposition (List & Examples)

Adjectives followed by prepositions are a common grammatical structure in English where a specific preposition directly follows an adjective.

This combination often forms a fixed expression with a particular meaning. The preposition that follows an adjective is not random; it is determined by convention and usage in the English language.

These combinations are essential for constructing sentences that sound natural and are grammatically correct. Here are Some Common Adjectives followed by prepositions:

Afraid of Amazed at/by Angry with/at
Anxious about Ashamed of Aware of
Bad at Capable of Careful with/about
Cautious of Certain about/of Confident in/of
Content with Crazy about Curious about
Delighted with/at/by Dependent on Different from
Disappointed in/with/at/by Disgusted with/at/by Excited about
Famous for Fond of Frightened of/by
Good at Grateful for/to Guilty of
Happy about/with Interested in Jealous of
Keen on Kind to Mad about/at
Nervous about/of Obsessed with Pleased with/about
Prepared for Proud of Ready for
Responsible for Sad about Sad about/for
Scared of Sorry for/about Surprised at/by
Suspicious of Tired of Upset about/with
Upset with/about Worried about  

List of Adjectives Followed by Prepositions

Here is an A to Z list of adjectives followed by prepositions:

Accustomed to Acquainted with Addicted to
Adequate for Admired for Adored by
Afraid for Aggravated by Aggressive towards
Agreeable to Alarmed at/by Alien to
Aligned with Allergic to Amenable to
Amused by Angry about Animated by
Annoyed with/at/by Antagonistic towards Anxious for
Appalled by/at Appropriate for Apt at
Ashamed about Asleep on Astonished at/by
Attached to Attentive to Attracted to
Authentic in Averse to Awful at
Awkward at Balanced with Baffled by
Barred from Bashful about Beneficial to
Bent on Bereft of Besotted with
Blissful about Boastful about Bold in
Bored with/by Bound for/to Brave in
Brilliant at Brutal to Bubbly with
Buoyant about Burdened with Calm about
Candid about Capable of Careless with/about
Cautious about Charmed by Cheerful about
Chilled about Clueless about Coherent in
Comfortable with Committed to Compatible with
Competent at/in Competitive in Complacent about
Complete with Compliant with Concerned about/for
Confident about Conflicted about Confrontational about
Connected to Conscious of Consistent with
Contented with Contrary to Contrite for
Convenient for Cool towards Cooperative with
Crazy for Creative in Critical of
Cruel to Curious about Cynical about
Deadly at Defiant of Delicate with
Delighted about Demanding of Dependent upon
Derisive of Desperate for Detached from
Determined by Devoted to Different from/to
Difficult for Diligent in Disappointed about
Disastrous for Discouraged by Disenchanted with
Disgusted at Disillusioned with Dismissive of
Displeased with Disposed to Distant from
Distinct from Distracted by Distressed by
Disturbed by Dominant in Doubtful about
Dreamy about Eager for Easy on
Ecstatic about Effective in Efficient in
Elated about Eminent in Emotional about
Empathetic towards Encouraged by Engaged in
Enraged by Enthusiastic about Envious of
Equal to Equipped for Equivalent to
Excited by Exempt from Exhausted by
Exhilarated by Expectant of Experienced in
Expert at/in Exposed to Extravagant with
Faithful to Familiar with Fantastic at
Fascinated by Fearful of Fed up with
Fervent about Fickle about Fierce about
Finicky about Firm on Fixed on
Fluent in Foolish about Forgetful of
Forgiving of Fortunate to Free from
Frenzied about Friendly towards Frightened by
Frustrated with/by Full of Furious about
Generous with Gentle with Genuine in
Gifted at Glad about Gleeful about
Glum about Gracious about Greedy for
Guarded about Guilty about Handy at
Happy for Hard on Harmful to
Harsh on Hasty in Healthy for
Heedful of Helpful to Hesitant about
High on Honest about Hopeful for
Horrible at Hostile towards Humble about
Humorous about Hungry for Ignorant of
Imitative of Impartial to Impatient with
Imperative to Impressed by/with Imprisoned for
Inclined towards Incompetent at Inconsistent with
Indebted to Independent of Indifferent to
Indignant about Industrious at Ineffective at
Inept at Infatuated with Inferior to
Inflamed by Influential in Informative about
Infuriated by Inhibited by Innate in
Innocent of Inquisitive about Insensitive to
Insightful about Insistent on Inspired by
Insulted by Intended for Intent on
Interested by Intermittent with Intimate with
Intoxicated by Intrigued by Involved in
Irrelevant to Irritated by Isolated from
Jealous about Jittery about Joyful about
Jubilant about Keen about Lacking in
Lamentable for Late for Lavish with
Lazy about Lean on Lethal to
Liable for/to Liberated from Limited to
Lively in Livid about Logical in
Lonely without Long for Loyal to
Lucky to Lyrical about Mad with
Magnificent at Malicious towards Maniacal about
Mannerly towards Marvelous at Masterful at
Mature in Mean to Meek in
Mellow about Merciful to Merry about
Meticulous about Mindful of Miserable about
Mistaken about Mixed up in Modest about
Mortified by Motivated by Moved by
Muddled about Naive about Nasty to
Neat with Necessary for Needed for
Neglectful of Nervous around Neutral about
Nice to Nifty at Nostalgic for
Noted for Notorious for Numb to
Obligated to Obscure to Observant of
Obsessed about Obsolete in Obstinate about
Obstructive to Occupied with Offended by
Open about Open to Opposed to
Optimistic about Orderly in Organized for
Outraged by Outstanding in Overwhelmed by
Passionate about Patient with Peaceful about
Peculiar to Perceptive about Perfect for
Permissive of Pertinent to Pessimistic about
Petty about Phenomenal at Picky about
Pleased for Poised for Polite to
Popular with Positive about Possessive of
Practical in Precise about Predominant in
Prejudiced against Prepared to Present at
Pressured by Prestigious in Prevalent in
Prevented from Principled in Privy to
Productive in Proficient at/in Profitable for
Profound in Prolific in Prominent in
Prone to Proper for Protective of
Proud about Provocative to Prudent in
Punctual for Puzzled by Qualified for
Quarrelsome with Quick at Quiet about
Quirky in Radiant about Rapt in
Rare in Rash in Rational about
Ready to Realistic about Reassured by
Receptive to Reckless with Recognized for
Reclusive from Reflective about Regretful for
Related to Relaxed about Relevant to
Reliant on Relieved by Reminiscent of
Renowned for Repelled by Repentant for
Replete with Reprimanded for Required for
Resentful of Reserved for Resigned to
Resilient to Resistant to Resolute in
Resourceful in Respectful of Responsible to
Responsive to Restless about Restrained from
Restricted to Reverent towards Revolted by
Rich in Ridiculous to Right about
Rigid in Risky for Romantic about
Rude to Ruthless in Safe from
Sanguine about Sarcastic about Satisfied with
Savvy about Scandalous for Scarce in
Scornful of Secluded from Secretive about
Secure in Sedentary in Selective about
Selfish about Sensitive to Sentimental about
Serene in Serious about Severe on
Shaken by Sharp in Shattered by
Shy about Sick of Silly about
Sincere about Skeptical of Skilled in/at
Slack in Sleek in Slick at
Slighted by Sloppy with Slow at
Sly about Smart about Smitten with
Smooth in Snappy about Snug in
Sober about Sociable with Soft on
Solemn about Solid in Sore about
Sorry to Sought after by Sound in
Sour about Spacious for Sparse in
Special to Specific about Spectacular at
Spellbound by Spiteful towards Splendid in
Spontaneous in Spotless in Sprightly in
Stabilized by Stale in Startled by
Steady in Stern with Sticky about
Stimulated by Stingy with Stoic about
Strange to Strict about Strident about
Striking in Strong in Stumped by
Stunned by Stupendous at Sturdy in
Stylish in Subject to Submissive to
Subsequent to Substantial in Subtle about
Suitable for Sulky about Superb at
Superior to Supportive of Sure about
Surprised by Susceptible to Sweet on
Swift at Sympathetic to Talented in
Tame in Tantalized by Tardy in
Tasteful in Tearful about Technical in
Tempted by Tender towards Tense about
Terrible at Terrific at Thankful for
Thirsty for Thoughtful about Thrilled by
Tight with Timid about Tolerant of
Touched by Tough on Tragic for
Tranquil in Transparent about Traumatized by
Treasured by Tremendous at Tricky with
Troubled by True to Trustful of
Trusting in Truthful about Tuned in to
Unaffected by Unaware of Uncomfortable with
Unconcerned about Undecided about Understanding of
Uneasy about Unequal to Unfamiliar with
Unhappy about Unique to United in
Unjust to Unknown to Unlikely to
Unprepared for Unresponsive to Unsuitable for
Unsympathetic to Unwilling to Upbeat about
Useful for Vague about Vain about
Valid in Valuable to Variable in
Vast in Veiled in Vengeful towards
Versatile in Vested in Vibrant in
Vicious towards Victorious in Vigilant about
Vigorous in Vindictive towards Violent towards
Virtuous in Vocal about Vulnerable to
Warm towards Wary of Wasteful with
Watchful of Weak in Wealthy in
Weary of Weird about Welcoming to
Well-versed in Whimsical about Wicked at
Wild about Willing to Wise in
Wistful about Witty in Wonderful at
Worrisome to Worthwhile for Worthy of
Wrathful towards Wretched about Wrong about
Yielding to Zealous for Zestful for

Adjectives Followed by Prepositions Examples

  1. Accustomed to: She quickly became accustomed to the new work environment.
  2. Addicted to: He was addicted to online gaming.
  3. Adjacent to: Our house is adjacent to a beautiful park.
  4. Afraid of: The child was afraid of the dark.
  5. Aggravated by: She was aggravated by the constant noise.
  6. Agitated by: He was agitated by the delay in the meeting.
  7. Alarmed at: We were alarmed at the sudden rise in temperature.
  8. Amazed at: She was amazed at the magician’s skill.
  9. Amused by: The audience was amused by the comedian’s jokes.
  10. Angry with: He was angry with his friend for not calling.
  11. Annoyed at: She was annoyed at having to wait so long.
  12. Anxious about: They were anxious about the exam results.
  13. Appalled by: The community was appalled by the destruction.
  14. Appreciative of: He was appreciative of the help he received.
  15. Ashamed of: She felt ashamed of her earlier overreaction.
  16. Associated with: This symptom is associated with a rare illness.
  17. Astonished at: The tourists were astonished at the ancient ruins.
  18. Attached to: The dog became very attached to its new owner.
  19. Attentive to: The teacher was attentive to her students’ needs.
  20. Aware of: She was fully aware of the risks involved.
  21. Awkward at: He felt awkward at social gatherings.
  22. Bad at: I’m really bad at remembering names.
  23. Bewildered by: The foreigner was bewildered by the local customs.
  24. Bored with: He got bored with the same daily routine.
  25. Bothered by: She was not bothered by the criticisms.
  26. Capable of: Humans are capable of incredible feats.
  27. Careful with: Be careful with the fragile items.
  28. Certain about: She was certain about her decision to move.
  29. Charmed by: The guests were charmed by her hospitality.
  30. Close to: He is close to his sister.
  31. Comfortable with: She felt comfortable with the new team.
  32. Committed to: The company is committed to sustainable practices.
  33. Compatible with: This software is compatible with all operating systems.
  34. Concerned about: Parents are often concerned about their children’s future.
  35. Confident in: He is confident in his abilities.
  36. Conscious of: She’s very conscious of her health.
  37. Content with: He was content with the simple things in life.
  38. Crazy about: She’s crazy about classical music.
  39. Curious about: The child was curious about everything.
  40. Delighted with: They were delighted with the wedding gifts.
  41. Dependent on: The baby is dependent on its parents.
  42. Different from: This approach is different from the usual.
  43. Disappointed in: He was disappointed in the movie.
  44. Disgusted with: She was disgusted with the state of the room.
  45. Dressed in: The children were dressed in costumes.
  46. Eager for: She was eager for the adventure to begin.
  47. Eligible for: He is eligible for the scholarship.
  48. Envious of: She was envious of her friend’s success.
  49. Excited about: They were excited about the trip.
  50. Experienced in: She is experienced in graphic design.
  51. Famous for: Italy is famous for its cuisine.
  52. Fascinated by: He was fascinated by ancient history.
  53. Fond of: She is very fond of her pets.
  54. Frightened of: She is frightened of heights.
  55. Full of: The room was full of laughter.
  56. Good at: He’s good at solving complex problems.
  57. Grateful for: We are grateful for your support.
  58. Guilty of: He was found guilty of the crime.
  59. Happy about: They were happy about the new arrival.
  60. Hopeful of: I’m hopeful of finding a solution.
  61. Impressed with: She was impressed with his dedication.
  62. Infatuated with: He was infatuated with the celebrity.
  63. Interested in: Are you interested in learning French?
  64. Involved in: She was involved in the community project.
  65. Jealous of: He was jealous of his brother’s achievements.
  66. Keen on: She’s keen on learning new languages.
  67. Kind to: It’s important to be kind to others.
  68. Known for: This region is known for its wine.
  69. Mad about: She’s mad about the new TV series.
  70. Married to: He is married to a doctor.
  71. Nervous about: She was nervous about her job interview.
  72. Obscured by: The view was obscured by fog.
  73. Obsessed with: He’s obsessed with collecting rare coins.
  74. Opposed to: She is opposed to the new policy.
  75. Overwhelmed by: He felt overwhelmed by the workload.
  76. Pleased with: The manager was pleased with the team’s performance.
  77. Prepared for: Are you prepared for the exam?
  78. Proud of: She is proud of her achievements.
  79. Qualified for: He is qualified for the position.
  80. Ready for: Are you ready for the challenge?
  81. Reasonable about: He was reasonable about the negotiations.
  82. Responsible for: She is responsible for the project’s success.
  83. Sad about: They were sad about the farewell.
  84. Satisfied with: I am satisfied with the results.
  85. Scared of: She’s scared of spiders.
  86. Shocked at: They were shocked at the news.
  87. Sick of: I’m sick of this weather.
  88. Skilled at: She’s skilled at playing the violin.
  89. Sorry for: I am sorry for your loss.
  90. Successful in: He’s been successful in his career.
  91. Suitable for: This movie is suitable for all ages.
  92. Surprised at: She was surprised at the gift.
  93. Suspicious of: I’m suspicious of his motives.
  94. Thrilled with: He was thrilled with his new car.
  95. Tired of: She’s tired of the same routine.
  96. Upset about: He was upset about the misunderstanding.
  97. Useful for: This tool is useful for many purposes.
  98. Wary of: Be wary of strangers.
  99. Worried about: She’s worried about her exams.
  100. Wrong about: You were wrong about the weather forecast.

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Download List of Adjectives Followed by Preposition PDF (Download Here)

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