100 Adjectives Followed by Preposition

Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 05:01 pm

Imagine being able to effortlessly convey the exact emotions, qualities, and relationships between objects and people through the clever use of adjectives and prepositions.

From proud of to afraid for, these combinations can breathe life into your writing, creating vivid imagery that captivates readers’ imaginations. By mastering the nuanced connections between adjectives and prepositions, you’ll gain a powerful tool for crafting compelling narratives that resonate deeply with your audience.

So let’s dive into this rich tapestry of language together and unlock the potential of these dynamic word pairings!

What are Adjectives?

Adjectives are words that describe or modify nouns and pronouns, providing details about size, shape, color, quantity, or quality, e.g., “tall tree.”


  • He is a healthy person.
  • He runs fast.

What are Prepositions?

preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show any relationship.


  • Cat is under the table.
  • I am going to school.

List of Adjectives Followed by Prepositions

Below are 100 adjectives followed by prepositions and example sentences:

  1. Accustomed to: She quickly became accustomed to the new work environment.
  2. Addicted to: He was addicted to online gaming.
  3. Adjacent to: Our house is adjacent to a beautiful park.
  4. Afraid of: The child was afraid of the dark.
  5. Aggravated by: She was aggravated by the constant noise.
  6. Agitated by: He was agitated by the delay in the meeting.
  7. Alarmed at: We were alarmed at the sudden rise in temperature.
  8. Amazed at: She was amazed at the magician’s skill.
  9. Amused by: The audience was amused by the comedian’s jokes.
  10. Angry with: He was angry with his friend for not calling.
  11. Annoyed at: She was annoyed at having to wait so long.
  12. Anxious about: They were anxious about the exam results.
  13. Appalled by: The community was appalled by the destruction.
  14. Appreciative of: He was appreciative of the help he received.
  15. Ashamed of: She felt ashamed of her earlier overreaction.
  16. Associated with: This symptom is associated with a rare illness.
  17. Astonished at: The tourists were astonished at the ancient ruins.
  18. Attached to: The dog became very attached to its new owner.
  19. Attentive to: The teacher was attentive to her students’ needs.
  20. Aware of: She was fully aware of the risks involved.
  21. Awkward at: He felt awkward at social gatherings.
  22. Bad at: I’m really bad at remembering names.
  23. Bewildered by: The foreigner was bewildered by the local customs.
  24. Bored with: He got bored with the same daily routine.
  25. Bothered by: She was not bothered by the criticisms.
  26. Capable of: Humans are capable of incredible feats.
  27. Careful with: Be careful with the fragile items.
  28. Certain about: She was certain about her decision to move.
  29. Charmed by: The guests were charmed by her hospitality.
  30. Close to: He is close to his sister.
  31. Comfortable with: She felt comfortable with the new team.
  32. Committed to: The company is committed to sustainable practices.
  33. Compatible with: This software is compatible with all operating systems.
  34. Concerned about: Parents are often concerned about their children’s future.
  35. Confident in: He is confident in his abilities.
  36. Conscious of: She’s very conscious of her health.
  37. Content with: He was content with the simple things in life.
  38. Crazy about: She’s crazy about classical music.
  39. Curious about: The child was curious about everything.
  40. Delighted with: They were delighted with the wedding gifts.
  41. Dependent on: The baby is dependent on its parents.
  42. Different from: This approach is different from the usual.
  43. Disappointed in: He was disappointed in the movie.
  44. Disgusted with: She was disgusted with the state of the room.
  45. Dressed in: The children were dressed in costumes.
  46. Eager for: She was eager for the adventure to begin.
  47. Eligible for: He is eligible for the scholarship.
  48. Envious of: She was envious of her friend’s success.
  49. Excited about: They were excited about the trip.
  50. Experienced in: She is experienced in graphic design.
  51. Famous for: Italy is famous for its cuisine.
  52. Fascinated by: He was fascinated by ancient history.
  53. Fond of: She is very fond of her pets.
  54. Frightened of: She is frightened of heights.
  55. Full of: The room was full of laughter.
  56. Good at: He’s good at solving complex problems.
  57. Grateful for: We are grateful for your support.
  58. Guilty of: He was found guilty of the crime.
  59. Happy about: They were happy about the new arrival.
  60. Hopeful of: I’m hopeful of finding a solution.
  61. Impressed with: She was impressed with his dedication.
  62. Infatuated with: He was infatuated with the celebrity.
  63. Interested in: Are you interested in learning French?
  64. Involved in: She was involved in the community project.
  65. Jealous of: He was jealous of his brother’s achievements.
  66. Keen on: She’s keen on learning new languages.
  67. Kind to: It’s important to be kind to others.
  68. Known for: This region is known for its wine.
  69. Mad about: She’s mad about the new TV series.
  70. Married to: He is married to a doctor.
  71. Nervous about: She was nervous about her job interview.
  72. Obscured by: The view was obscured by fog.
  73. Obsessed with: He’s obsessed with collecting rare coins.
  74. Opposed to: She is opposed to the new policy.
  75. Overwhelmed by: He felt overwhelmed by the workload.
  76. Pleased with: The manager was pleased with the team’s performance.
  77. Prepared for: Are you prepared for the exam?
  78. Proud of: She is proud of her achievements.
  79. Qualified for: He is qualified for the position.
  80. Ready for: Are you ready for the challenge?
  81. Reasonable about: He was reasonable about the negotiations.
  82. Responsible for: She is responsible for the project’s success.
  83. Sad about: They were sad about the farewell.
  84. Satisfied with: I am satisfied with the results.
  85. Scared of: She’s scared of spiders.
  86. Shocked at: They were shocked at the news.
  87. Sick of: I’m sick of this weather.
  88. Skilled at: She’s skilled at playing the violin.
  89. Sorry for: I am sorry for your loss.
  90. Successful in: He’s been successful in his career.
  91. Suitable for: This movie is suitable for all ages.
  92. Surprised at: She was surprised at the gift.
  93. Suspicious of: I’m suspicious of his motives.
  94. Thrilled with: He was thrilled with his new car.
  95. Tired of: She’s tired of the same routine.
  96. Upset about: He was upset about the misunderstanding.
  97. Useful for: This tool is useful for many purposes.
  98. Wary of: Be wary of strangers.
  99. Worried about: She’s worried about her exams.
  100. Wrong about: You were wrong about the weather forecast.

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Download List of Adjectives Followed by Preposition PDF (Download Here)

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