Prepositional Phrases with Meanings & Examples in English

Here you will learn 100+ prepositional phrases with their meanings and example sentences. Prepositional phrases enrich our daily communication, adding clarity and detail to our descriptions, and helping us convey precise locations, timeframes, and relationships between objects and actions.

What are Prepositional Phrases?

Prepositional phrases are linguistic structures consisting of a preposition followed by a noun or pronoun, known as the object of the preposition. These phrases function to provide additional information about time, location, or direction in a sentence, thus offering context and detail to enhance the meaning of the primary statement.

Examples of Prepositional Phrases

Here are the examples of daily used Prepositional phrases with meanings and example sentences;

1. Above the clouds

  • Meaning: Higher than the clouds in the sky.
  • Example: The airplane flew above the clouds.

2. Across the river

  • Meaning: From one side of the river to the other.
  • Example: We rowed the boat across the river.

3. After the storm

  • Meaning: Following the end of a storm.
  • Example: The sun came out after the storm.

4. Against the wind

  • Meaning: In the opposite direction to the wind.
  • Example: We walked against the wind.

5. Along the road

  • Meaning: Forward on the road.
  • Example: We found flowers along the road.

6. Amid the chaos

  • Meaning: Surrounded by disorder.
  • Example: She remained calm amid the chaos.

7. Among the stars

  • Meaning: In the company of stars in the sky.
  • Example: The satellite orbited among the stars.

8. Around the corner

  • Meaning: Very near, especially referring to location.
  • Example: The café is just around the corner.

9. As per the agreement

  • Meaning: According to what was agreed.
  • Example: Payment was made as per the agreement.

10. At the crossroads

  • Meaning: At a point of decision or a critical juncture.
  • Example: We stood at the crossroads, undecided.

11. Before the dawn

  • Meaning: Before sunrise.
  • Example: The fishermen set out to sea before the dawn.

12. Behind the curtain

  • Meaning: Secretly or not in public view.
  • Example: Decisions were made behind the curtain.

13. Below the surface

  • Meaning: Underneath the top layer or outward appearance.
  • Example: Danger lurked below the surface of the water.

14. Beneath the waves

  • Meaning: Under the surface of the sea.
  • Example: Treasures are hidden beneath the waves.

15. Beside the point

  • Meaning: Irrelevant or unrelated to the subject at hand.
  • Example: Your comment is beside the point of this discussion.

16. Between the lines

  • Meaning: Implied or suggested without being directly stated.
  • Example: Read between the lines to understand the true meaning.

17. Beyond the horizon

  • Meaning: Farther than one can see or imagine.
  • Example: Ships disappear beyond the horizon.

18. By the book

  • Meaning: According to rules or regulations.
  • Example: The officer did everything by the book.

19. Concerning the matter

  • Meaning: Regarding the subject.
  • Example: We received an update concerning the matter.

20. Despite the odds

  • Meaning: Regardless of the difficulties or challenges.
  • Example: She succeeded despite the odds against her.

21. Down the stairs

  • Meaning: From a higher to a lower level via stairs.
  • Example: He hurried down the stairs.

22. During the meeting

  • Meaning: In the time that the meeting takes place.
  • Example: Please silence your phones during the meeting.

23. Except for the details

  • Meaning: With the exception of the specifics.
  • Example: The plan is ready, except for the details.

24. For the time being

  • Meaning: Temporarily or for now.
  • Example: Let’s shelve this discussion for the time being.

25. From the ashes

  • Meaning: Out of the remains of destruction or ruin.
  • Example: A new order rose from the ashes of the old.

26. In the garden

  • Meaning: Within the area of a garden.
  • Example: They enjoyed tea in the garden.

27. Inside the box

  • Meaning: Within the confines of the box.
  • Example: The gift was hidden inside the box.

28. Into the wilderness

  • Meaning: To or in a wild, uninhabited area.
  • Example: They ventured into the wilderness on their hike.

29. Like the wind

  • Meaning: Very quickly or swiftly.
  • Example: She ran like the wind to catch the bus.

30. Near the edge

  • Meaning: Close to the boundary or limit.
  • Example: The vase teetered near the edge of the table.

31. Of the essence

  • Meaning: Very important.
  • Example: Time is of the essence in an emergency.

32. Off the record

  • Meaning: Not officially documented or reported.
  • Example: She spoke off the record to the journalist.

33. On the brink

  • Meaning: Very close to experiencing something significant.
  • Example: We are on the brink of a major discovery.

34. Onto the stage

  • Meaning: Moving to or positioned on the performance area.
  • Example: The performer stepped onto the stage

35. Out of the blue

  • Meaning:
  • Example: The decision came out of the blue.

36. Outside the box

  • Meaning: Beyond conventional or traditional thinking.
  • Example: Thinking outside the box can lead to creative solutions.

37. Over the moon

  • Meaning: Extremely pleased or happy.
  • Example: She was over the moon with her results.

38. Past the point

  • Meaning: Beyond a certain location.
  • Example: We drove past the point where we should have turned.

39. Regarding the issue

  • Meaning: Concerning the problem.
  • Example: We need to talk regarding the issue at hand.

40. Since the beginning

  • Meaning: From the start.
  • Example: He’s been involved since the beginning of the project.

41. Through the woods

  • Meaning: Moving within a forested area.
  • Example: The path led through the woods to the lake.

42. To the limit

  • Meaning: As far as possible; to the maximum extent.
  • Example: Push the boundaries to the limit.

43. Toward the sunset

  • Meaning: In the direction of the setting sun.
  • Example: They sailed toward the sunset.

44. Under the bridge

  • Meaning: Beneath the structure spanning across the water.
  • Example: Trolls live under the bridge, according to the story.

45. Until the end

  • Meaning: All the way to the conclusion.
  • Example: We’re in this together until the end.

46. Up the hill

  • Meaning: Towards the top of a hill.
  • Example: The climb up the hill was steep.

47. With the flow

  • Meaning: Going along with the general direction or tendency.
  • Example: Just go with the flow for now.

48. Within the walls

  • Meaning: Enclosed by the boundaries of a room or building.
  • Example: Secrets are hidden within the walls of the old mansion.

49. Without a doubt

  • Meaning: Certainly; for sure.
  • Example: He is without a doubt the best candidate.

50. Across from the park

  • Meaning: On the opposite side relative to the park.
  • Example: The café is located across from the park.

51. Along with the team

  • Meaning: In addition to the team members.
  • Example: He was celebrated along with the team.

52. Apart from the crowd

  • Meaning: Separate or different from the crowd.
  • Example: She stood apart from the crowd, lost in thought.

53. Around the world

  • Meaning: In various places throughout the globe.
  • Example: They traveled around the world in 80 days.

54. As for the budget

  • Meaning: Regarding the financial plan.
  • Example: As for the budget, we need to be cautious.

55. At the helm

  • Meaning: In a position of leadership.
  • Example: She was at the helm of the company.

56. Because of the delay

  • Meaning: As a result of the postponement.
  • Example: The project suffered because of the delay.

57. Before the committee

  • Meaning: In front of the group of people tasked with a specific function.
  • Example: He presented his case before the committee.

58. Behind the scenes

  • Meaning: In a role not visible to the public.
  • Example: Much work is done behind the scenes.

59. Below the belt

  • Meaning: Unfairly; violating the rules.
  • Example: That comment was below the belt.

60. Beneath the stars

  • Meaning: Under the night sky.
  • Example: They camped beneath the stars.

61. Beside the fireplace

  • Meaning: Next to the hearth.
  • Example: They gathered beside the fireplace to stay warm.

62. Between the sheets

  • Meaning: In bed.
  • Example: Secrets whispered between the sheets often stay hidden.

63. Beyond the scope

  • Meaning: Outside the range of.
  • Example: This issue is beyond the scope of our discussion.

64. By the seaside

  • Meaning: Adjacent to the sea.
  • Example: Vacation homes by the seaside are in high demand.

65. Concerning the policy

  • Meaning: Regarding the rules or guidelines.
  • Example: Feedback concerning the policy was overwhelmingly negative.

66. Despite the criticism

  • Meaning: Regardless of the negative feedback.
  • Example: He continued his work despite the criticism.

67. Down the road

  • Meaning: Further along in distance or time.
  • Example: Solutions may emerge down the road.

68. During the ceremony

  • Meaning: In the course of the formal event.
  • Example: Silence prevailed during the ceremony.

69. Except for the leader

  • Meaning: With the exclusion of the person in charge.
  • Example: All were present except for the leader.

70. For the sake of argument

  • Meaning: Used to make a point or to discuss hypothetically.
  • Example: Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you’re right.

71. From the perspective

  • Meaning: Considering from a particular viewpoint.
  • Example: From the perspective of a child, everything seems bigger.

72. In the shadow

  • Meaning: Hidden or covered by darkness.
  • Example: He stood in the shadow of the tall building.

73. Inside the circle

  • Meaning: Within the enclosed or defined area.
  • Example: Trust is paramount inside the circle of friends.

74. Into the fray

  • Meaning: Into the situation of intense competition or conflict.
  • Example: She jumped into the fray to defend her ideas.

75. Like a dream

  • Meaning: In a way that seems surreal or unreal.
  • Example: The vacation felt like a dream.

76. Near the horizon

  • Meaning: Close to the line where the earth meets the sky.
  • Example: Ships appeared near the horizon.

77. Of the first order

  • Meaning: Of the highest quality.
  • Example: His work is of the first order.

78. Off the grid

  • Meaning: Not connected to the public utility services.
  • Example: They lived off the grid for a year.

79. On the verge

  • Meaning: About to experience something imminently.
  • Example: She was on the verge of tears.

80. Onto the path

  • Meaning: Moving to or positioned on the trail.
  • Example: They stepped onto the path leading through the forest.

81. Out of the question

  • Meaning: Not possible or not allowed.
  • Example: That option is out of the question.

82. Outside the norm

  • Meaning: Beyond what is usual.
  • Example: His behavior was outside the norm.

83. Over the years

  • Meaning: Throughout a period of time.
  • Example: Friendships deepen over the years.

84. Past the deadline

  • Meaning: After the time limit has expired.
  • Example: The project was completed past the deadline.

85. Regarding the proposal

  • Meaning: Concerning the suggested plan.
  • Example: Questions arose regarding the proposal.

86. Since the incident

  • Meaning: From the time of the event.
  • Example: Tensions have been high since the incident.

87. Through the ages

  • Meaning: Over a long period of history.
  • Example: Art has evolved through the ages.

88. To the core

  • Meaning: To the very essence or heart.
  • Example: His words shook me to the core.

89. Toward the future

  • Meaning: In the direction of what is to come.
  • Example: We must plan toward the future.

90. Under the radar

  • Meaning: Not detected or noticed.
  • Example: She managed to stay under the radar.

91. Until the morning

  • Meaning: Through the night until daylight.
  • Example: They talked until the morning.

92. Up the ante

  • Meaning: Increase what is at stake or the level of engagement.
  • Example: The company decided to up the ante in the market competition.

93. With the team

  • Meaning: Accompanied by or as part of the group.
  • Example: He celebrated the victory with the team.

94. Within the framework

  • Meaning: Inside the structure or system.
  • Example: The solution must be found within the framework of the law.

95. Without the key

  • Meaning: Lacking the crucial element.
  • Example: Entering the house without the key proved impossible.

96. Across the spectrum

  • Meaning: Covering all categories or ranges.
  • Example: The issue affects people across the spectrum.

97. Along the way

  • Meaning: During the course of a journey or process.
  • Example: She made many friends along the way.

98. Apart from the rest

  • Meaning: Distinguished or separate from others.
  • Example: His style set him apart from the rest.

99. Around the table

  • Meaning: At or to various places around the table.
  • Example: Ideas were shared around the table.

100. As with the plan

  • Meaning: In accordance with the plan.
  • Example: Everything went smoothly, as with the plan.

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What are 10 Examples of Prepositional Phrases?

Here are the 10 most common and useful examples of prepositional phrases;

  1. In time
  2. On time
  3. At first glance
  4. By chance
  5. For now
  6. In case of
  7. On behalf of
  8. At the end of the day
  9. In front of
  10. Under pressure

10 examples of prepositional phrases in English

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