100+ Examples Sentences of Prepositions in English

Discover the power of prepositions in English with our list of 100+ prepositions with example sentences, designed to help you understand and use them effortlessly in everyday conversations.

Examples of Prepositions

Here are the 10 most common Examples of Prepositions in Sentences;

  1. Into: The girl was feeling hot so she jumped into the pool.
  2. On: I have placed the cup of tea on shelve.
  3. At: Adam dwells at a far-off village.
  4. Among: Among them, there is only one person who is not sincere.
  5. In: In no time police arrived and arrested the terrorist.
  6. Down: I was looking down when she called me.
  7. Upon: We will build our home upon a cliff.
  8. Of: I’m fond of playing cricket and handball.
  9. By: By the passage of time his wounds will fill.
  10. Within: Within a minute her father arrived and beat the boys well.

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Examples Sentences of Prepositions

100 Examples of Prepositions in Sentences

Here are 100 useful examples of prepositions in example sentences;

  1. She sat beside her friend at the concert.
  2. The message was hidden within the code.
  3. They traveled around the world in eighty days.
  4. The stars shine above us every night.
  5. He placed the vase on the mantlepiece.
  6. She lives across the street from the library.
  7. The cat is hiding under the bed.
  8. They walked along the beach at sunset.
  9. He looked through the telescope to see the stars.
  10. The bridge goes over the river.
  11. The painting hung beside the window.
  12. The plane flew through the clouds.
  13. The coffee shop is next to the bookstore.
  14. She put the pillow behind her head.
  15. The children ran toward the playground.
  16. The bird flew against the window.
  17. He whispered in her ear.
  18. The flowers are in front of the house.
  19. The dog lay down by the fireplace.
  20. The keys are on top of the fridge.
  21. The note was underneath the door.
  22. She wore a jacket over her dress.
  23. The sun sets behind the mountains.
  24. He put his arm around her shoulder.
  25. The boat sailed across the lake.
  26. The sign was posted outside the door.
  27. The fish swam beneath the surface.
  28. The hat is inside the box.
  29. They met at the corner of Main and First.
  30. She looked up at the tall building.
  31. The apples fell off the tree.
  32. The picture is right above the sofa.
  33. He poured the tea into the cup.
  34. The mouse ran under the couch.
  35. She placed the book back on the shelf.
  36. The bird perched on the branch.
  37. The car is parked in front of the garage.
  38. He leaned over the balcony to see the view.
  39. The children played around the tree.
  40. The scarf was wrapped around her neck.
  41. The store is just beyond the bridge.
  42. The fog rolled in from the sea.
  43. The letter was among the bills.
  44. He placed the ladder against the wall.
  45. The plane flew over the city.
  46. The cat jumped onto the windowsill.
  47. She looked down into the valley.
  48. The stars are above us.
  49. They hung the picture above the fireplace.
  50. The ring was hidden within the box.
  51. The park is right beside the museum.
  52. The flowers grew among the weeds.
  53. The bird flew towards the tree.
  54. The boat is moored beside the pier.
  55. The keys were underneath the newspaper.
  56. The child hid behind the curtain.
  57. The note was on the table next to the vase.
  58. The hotel is located right across from the beach.
  59. He gazed into the distance.
  60. The pen is between the books.
  61. The cat curled up in its bed.
  62. The sun rose above the horizon.
  63. They walked hand in hand along the path.
  64. The bird built its nest on the tree.
  65. The dress hung behind the door.
  66. She tucked the letter into her diary.
  67. The ball rolled under the table.
  68. The plane soared above the clouds.
  69. The fish swam below the boat.
  70. The picture was among the collection.
  71. The thief sneaked in through the window.
  72. The cottage stood alone by the lake.
  73. The leaves fell onto the ground.
  74. The boat drifted slowly down the river.
  75. The bird swooped down to catch its prey.
  76. He placed the glasses on the shelf above the sink.
  77. The car is parked right outside the house.
  78. The castle stands proudly atop the hill.
  79. She spread the blanket out over the grass.
  80. The dog barked at the strangers.
  81. The stars twinkled in the night sky.
  82. They sailed around the island.
  83. The sun peeked through the curtains.
  84. The message was written on the back of the photograph.
  85. The book was placed carefully on the shelf.
  86. The lamp stood beside the armchair.
  87. The tree fell right across the road.
  88. The house is nestled among the trees.
  89. The plane flew right over our heads.
  90. She draped the cloth over the table.
  91. The boat floated gently down the stream.
  92. The cat sprang onto the counter.
  93. The sign is posted right in front of the entrance.
  94. The children scattered towards the playground.
  95. The vine climbed up the side of the house.
  96. The bird perched on the edge of the fountain.
  97. The flowers were arranged in a vase on the windowsill.
  98. The castle loomed above the village.
  99. The dog waited patiently outside the store.
  100. The moon hung low in the evening sky.

10 examples of prepositions in English

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