20 Latin Abbreviations in English (With Meaning and Examples)

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In everyday English, numerous Latin abbreviations are commonly used without much thought. This post explores 20 of these abbreviations, providing their meanings and illustrative examples to help you understand and use them correctly in your own communications.

Latin Abbreviations

1. e.g. (exempli gratia)

Meaning: For example
Example: Bring cold-weather gear, e.g., a jacket.

2. etc. (et cetera)

Meaning: And other similar things
Example: She enjoys hobbies like knitting, reading, etc.

3. i.e. (id est)

Meaning: That is
Example: He works the night shift, i.e., 11 PM to 7 AM.

4. viz. (videlicet)

Meaning: Namely
Example: She studies European languages, viz., French and Spanish.

5. vs. (versus)

Meaning: Against
Example: It’s Team A vs. Team B tonight.

6. et al. (et alii)

Meaning: And others
Example: The research team, Smith et al., won an award.

7. cf. (confer)

Meaning: Compare
Example: For better results, cf. Section 4.2.

8. q.v. (quod vide)

Meaning: Which see
Example: Refer to the main theorem (q.v.).

9. ibid. (ibidem)

Meaning: In the same place
Example: See the discussion, ibid., page 94.

10. op. cit. (opere citato)

Meaning: In the work cited
Example: As described in Smith, op. cit., the results are clear.

11. loc. cit. (loco citato)

Meaning: In the place cited
Example: Refer back to loc. cit. for further details.

12. sic

Meaning: Thus, so (used to indicate a verbatim quotation)
Example: He wrote, “I no [sic] the truth.”

13. N.B. (nota bene)

Meaning: Note well
Example: N.B.: The meeting time has changed.

14. A.D. (anno Domini)

Meaning: In the year of our Lord
Example: The cathedral was built in 1045 A.D.

15. a.m. (ante meridiem)

Meaning: Before noon
Example: The flight departs at 9 a.m.

16. p.m. (post meridiem)

Meaning: After noon
Example: Let’s meet at 6 p.m.

17. P.S. (post scriptum)

Meaning: Written after
Example: P.S.: Don’t forget the attachments.

18. Re (in re)

Meaning: In the matter of
Example: Re: Budget Allocation Discussion

19. c.v. (curriculum vitae)

Meaning: Course of life (resume)
Example: Please attach your c.v. to the application.

20. ad lib. (ad libitum)

Meaning: At one’s pleasure
Example: He spoke ad lib. at the meeting.

Latin Abbreviations

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