Learn 20 Restaurant Collocations in English

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Welcome to our blog! Today, we’re diving into common phrases you hear in restaurants. Whether you’re booking a table, choosing a dish, or paying your bill, knowing these terms can make your dining experience smoother. Let’s explore these useful restaurant collocations together!

1. Table Reservation

Meaning: Booking a table in advance
Example: Made a table reservation for tonight.

2. Menu Selection

Meaning: Choosing items from the menu
Example: Menu selection varies at different restaurants.

3. Order Placement

Meaning: Requesting dishes from the menu
Example: Placed our order with the new waiter.

4. Special Requests

Meaning: Asking for customized food options
Example: Made special requests due to allergies.

5. Chef’s Recommendation

Meaning: Suggested dishes by the chef
Example: Tried the chef’s recommendation; it was superb.

6. Wine Pairing

Meaning: Matching wine with food
Example: Chose a wine pairing for each course.

7. Daily Specials

Meaning: Unique dishes offered daily
Example: The daily specials included fresh seafood.

8. Service Charge

Meaning: Added fee for table service
Example: The bill included a 10% service charge.

9. Dress Code

Meaning: Required attire for dining
Example: The restaurant has a strict dress code.

10. Waiting List

Meaning: Queue for dining without reservations
Example: Our name was added to the waiting list.

11. Tasting Menu

Meaning: Sampler of various dishes
Example: Enjoyed a seven-course tasting menu.

12. Seating Arrangement

Meaning: Setup of tables and chairs
Example: Requested a window in the seating arrangement.

13. Dining Experience

Meaning: Overall restaurant ambiance and service
Example: Their dining experience was truly unforgettable.

14. Customer Satisfaction

Meaning: Pleasure derived from the service
Example: They focus heavily on customer satisfaction.

15. Food Preparation

Meaning: Process of cooking food
Example: Food preparation here is top-notch.

16. Bill Settlement

Meaning: Paying the total restaurant bill
Example: Settled the bill using a credit card.

17. Takeaway Option

Meaning: Food packaged for home consumption
Example: Ordered pizza using the takeaway option.

18. Happy Hour

Meaning: Discounts during specific hours
Example: Happy hour includes half-price cocktails.

19. Culinary Delight

Meaning: Pleasurable eating experience
Example: Each dish was a culinary delight.

20. Hospitality Industry

Meaning: Sector involving food and accommodation
Example: She works in the hospitality industry.

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Restaurant Collocations

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