List of Abbreviations for Students PDF

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List of Abbreviations for Students PDF

List of Abbreviations for Students

Abbreviations are the short forms of words. We use abbreviations in our essay writing and literature. It is very important to learn abbreviations as they help in fitting out larger text in smaller areas. Abbreviations add to the beauty of the context and that is why they are important to learn and teach.

As students, we have to use abbreviations in our daily routine, during the study, and also during our personal conversations. It is very shameful if you don’t know some common abbreviations. In this lesson, we are going to discuss study abbreviations in detail. Student Abbreviation contains the list of government abbreviations and abbreviations of common terms. This lesson on abbreviation is very useful for ELS students learning English.

Students’ preparation for entrance test exams CSS, PPSC, IELTS, & FPSC, this abbreviations list is for you. PDF of Abbreviations list is given at the end of this lesson you can download that too. During our exams, it is common that in the place of the bigger phrase they will use an abbreviation and that is why it is important to learn all of them to avoid any problem in exams.

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Student Abbreviations List

  1. MOTOS – Member Of The Opposite Sex
  2. IR – Interracial
  3. PPV – Pay Per View
  4. PANS – Pretty Awesome New Stuff
  5. LDR – Long Distance Relationship
  6. REAP – Reserve Education Assistance Program
  7. AFK – Away From Keyboard
  8. PST – Pacific Standard Time
  9. DARE – Drug Abuse Resistance Education
  10. POW – Prisoner Of War
  11. CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  12. MIA – Missing In Action
  13. BRB – Be Right Back
  14. SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle
  15. ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
  16. PAWS – Progressive Animal Welfare Society
  17. IDK – I Don’t Know
  18. ASAP – As Soon As Possible
  19. ZIP code – Zone Improvement Plan code
  20. OT – Overtime
  21. NHL – National Hockey League
  22. DAEMON – Disk And Execution Monitor
  23. CPS – Child Protective Services
  24. FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
  25. DMV – Division of Motor Vehicles
  26. NYOB – None of Your Business
  27. DIY – Do It Yourself
  28. RADAR – Radio Detection And Ranging
  29. CPL – Corporal
  30. AMA – Against Medical Advice
  31. WTH – What The Heck
  32. HR – Human Resources
  33. VBD – Very Bad Date
  34. IRL – In Real Life
  35. SCOTUS – Supreme Court of the United States
  36. ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  37. PS – PostScript
  38. BBL – Be Back Later
  39. DBA – Doing Business As
  40. BBS – Be Back Soon
  41. SWAT – Special Weapons And Tactics
  42. MST – Mountain Standard Time
  43. TTYL – Talk To You Later
  44. POTUS – President of the United States
  45. MBA – Masters of Business Administration
  46. BF – Boyfriend
  47. PHAT – Pretty, Hot, And Tempting
  48. EDS – Electronic Data Systems
  49. SGT – Sergeant
  50. DOB – Date Of Birth
  51. CPT – Captain
  52. APA – American Psychological Association
  53. OTC – Over The Counter
  54. MLA – Modern Language Association
  55. AA – Alcoholics Anonymous
  56. TS – Transsexual
  57. CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
  58. Navy SEALs – Navy Sea Air Land forces
  59. BEG – Big Evil Grin
  60. MAJ – Major
  61. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  62. PR – Public Relations
  63. AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  64. AFL – American Football League
  65. F2F – Face to Face
  66. EG – Evil Grin
  67. HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  68. CSI – Crime Scene Investigation
  69. GIB – GI Bill
  70. POS – Point Of Service
  71. AKA – Also Known As
  72. UN – United Nations
  73. GF – Girlfriend
  74. ADA – American Dental Association
  75. WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment
  76. TBD – To Be Determined
  77. PGA – Professional Golfer’s Association
  78. BTW – By The Way
  79. RNC – Republican National Committee
  80. ID – Identification
  81. SONAR – Sound Navigation And Ranging
  82. LMK – Let Me Know
  83. FYI – For Your Information
  84. MOTSS – Member Of The Same Sex
  85. ADP – Automated Data Processing
  86. ESL – English As A Second Language
  87. DON – Department of the Navy
  88. DAFB – Dover Air Force Base
  89. AWOL – Absent Without Leave
  90. DOD – Department of Defense
  91. EST – Eastern Standard Time
  92. YOLO – You Only Live Once
  93. USAF – United States Air Force
  94. UFO – Unidentified Flying Object
  95. TED – Tell me, Explain to me, Describe to me
  96. TBA – To Be Announced
  97. SWM – Single White Male
  98. SWF – Single White Female
  99. SO – Significant Other
  100. SMH – Shaking My Head
  101. ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  102. POS – Parents Over Shoulder
  103. OMG – Oh My God
  104. OFC – Of Course
  105. NFL – National Football League
  106. NBA – National Basketball Association
  107. NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement
  108. MD – Medical Doctor
  109. MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
  110. LOL – Laughing Out Loud
  111. KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid
  112. IQ – Intelligence Quotient
  113. IMO – In My Opinion
  114. GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
  115. EOD – End of Day
  116. DZ – Drop Zone
  117. DOA – Dead On Arrival
  118. DND – Do Not Disturb
  119. DNC – Democratic National Committee
  120. CST – Central Standard Time
  121. CC – Copy To
  122. BBW – Big Beautiful Woman
  123. BBIAB – Be Back In A Bit
  124. AMA – American Medical Association
  125. ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder
  126. ABS – Anti-lock Braking System
  127. AARP – American Association of Retired Persons

List of Abbreviations for Students css List of Abbreviations for Students ielts List of Abbreviations for Students PDF student abbreviations

Download this Lesson in PDF

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