1000+ List of Adverbs in English Grammar with PDF

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1000+ List of Adverbs in English Grammar! Below is the list of adverbs in English grammar with infographics and Pdf.

What is Adverbs in English Grammar?

An adverb is a word or a phrase that modifies or qualifies another verb, adjective, or adverb a group of words, expressing a relation of degree, cause, manner, circumstances, place, or time (i.e. there, then, quietly, gently).

List of Adverbs in English Grammar

Briskly Brightly Briefly
Daintily Daily Curiously
Furiously Fully Frightfully
Knavishly Kindly Kindheartedly
Only Often Officially
Roughly Rigidly Rightfully
Upside-down Upright Upbeat
Very Verbally Triumphantly
Blissfully Blindly Bleakly
Correctly Coolly Continually
Frankly Fortunately Foolishly
Judgmentally Jubilantly Joyously
Obediently Not Noisily
Repeatedly Reluctantly Regularly

list of adverbs in english

Tightly Thoughtfully Thoroughly
Unfortunately Unexpectedly Unethically
Anxiously Annually Angrily
Cheerfully Certainly Cautiously
Far Famously Faithfully
Interestingly Intently Intensely
Mysteriously Mostly Mortally
Randomly Quizzically Quirkily
Sweetly Suspiciously Surprisingly
Zesty Zestfully Zealously
Bitterly Beautifully Bashfully
Commonly Colorfully Coaxingly
Fondly Fiercely Fervently
Joyfully Jovially Jealously
Nicely Never Nervously
Recklessly Reassuringly Really
Thankfully Terribly Tensely
Unbearably Unaccountably Unabashedly
Elegantly Easily Dreamily
Healthily Hastily Happily
Loosely Longingly Loftily
Positively Poorly Politely
Seldom Seemingly Sedately
Smoothly Slowly Sleepily


Wildly Wholly Wetly
Badly Awkwardly Arrogantly
Closely Cleverly Clearly
Ferociously Fatally Fast
Jaggedly Irritably Inwardly
Neatly Nearly Naturally
Readily Rarely Rapidly
Tenderly Sympathetically Swiftly
Ultimately Truthfully Truly
Actually Accidentally Absentmindedly
Delightfully Deliberately Defiantly
Gracefully Gleefully Gladly
Lightly Less Lazily
Patiently Partially Painfully
Sheepishly Sharply Shakily
Safely Usually Uselessly
Warmly Voluntarily Vivaciously
Exactly Eventually Evenly
Immediately Hungrily Hourly
Miserably Merrily Mechanically
Questionably Queerly Queasily
Strictly Sternly Stealthily
Adventurously Vastly Valiantly
Yearningly Yearly Yawningly
Enthusiastically Enormously Energetically
Helplessly Helpfully Heavily
Loyally Lovingly Loudly
Promptly Powerfully Potentially
Utterly Separately Selfishly
Solidly Solemnly Softly
Woefully Wisely Willfully

all adverbs

Always Almost Afterward
Carelessly Carefully Calmly
Fairly Extremely Excitedly
Instantly Inquisitively Innocently
More Monthly Mockingly
Quietly Quickly Quicker
Supposedly Suddenly Successfully
Youthfully Yieldingly Yesterday
Doubtfully Dimly Diligently
Greedily Greatly Gratefully
Lively Limply Likely
Playfully Physically Perfectly
Searchingly Scarily Scarcely
Silently Shyly Shrilly
Well Wearily Weakly
Even Especially Equally
Hopelessly Honestly Highly
Meaningfully Majestically Madly
Quaintly Punctually Properly
Speedily Soon Sometimes
Vainly Vaguely Vacantly
Wrongly Worriedly Wonderfully
Bravely Boldly Boastfully
Cruelly Crossly Courageously
Frenetically Freely Frantically
Kiddingly Keenly Justly
Offensively Oddly Obnoxiously
Righteously Restfully Reproachfully
Tremendously Too Tomorrow
Unnecessarily Unnaturally Unimpressively


Abnormally Busily Broadly
Deeply Deceivingly Dearly
Gently Generously Generally
Kookily Knowledgeably Knowingly
Overconfidently Optimistically Openly
Seriously Sadly Rudely
Usefully Urgently Upward
Violently Victoriously Viciously

adverbs list

List of Adverbs not Ending in -Ly

Most of us think that all the adverbs end in -ly, there are some cases in which adverbs do ends in -ly, Here is the list of those adverbs:

  • yesterday
  • where
  • well
  • very
  • too
  • tomorrow
  • today
  • then
  • still
  • soon
  • so
  • slow
  • rather
  • quick
  • often
  • now
  • next
  • never
  • near
  • more
  • low
  • long
  • late
  • how
  • here
  • hard
  • fast
  • far
  • even
  • better
  • best
  • back
  • already
  • almost
  • afterward

List of Adverbs Ending in -Ly

  • bodily
  • cuddly
  • friendly
  • hilly
  • lonely
  • nightly
  • priestly
  • slovenly
  • unearthly
  • wobbly
  • brotherly
  • daily
  • frizzly
  • homely
  • maidenly
  • northerly
  • quarterly
  • smelly
  • ungainly
  • woolly
  • chilly
  • deathly
  • ghastly
  • humanly
  • masterly
  • only
  • saintly
  • spindly
  • unseemly
  • wrinkly
  • bubbly
  • dastardly
  • gangly
  • hourly
  • manly
  • northwesterly
  • queenly
  • southerly
  • unlikely
  • worldly
  • crassly
  • elderly
  • gravelly
  • Kingly
  • miserly
  • pebbly
  • sickly
  • surly
  • weekly
  • burly
  • deadly
  • gentlemanly
  • housekeeperly
  • mannerly
  • oily
  • rumply
  • sparkly
  • unruly
  • wriggly
  • authorly
  • crumbly
  • fatherly
  • grisly
  • likely
  • motherly
  • poorly
  • sisterly
  • treacly
  • wifely
  • costly
  • early
  • giggly
  • jolly
  • mealy
  • otherworldly
  • scaly
  • squiggly
  • untimely
  • cowardly
  • easterly
  • goodly
  • kingly
  • melancholy
  • pearly
  • shapely
  • steely
  • vastly
  • comely
  • disorderly
  • ghostly
  • husbandly
  • matronly
  • orderly
  • Saintly
  • sprightly
  • unsightly
  • yearly
  • crinkly
  • enormously
  • Greatly
  • leisurely
  • monthly
  • pimply
  • silly
  • timely
  • westerly
  • courtly
  • earthly
  • godly
  • kindly
  • measly
  • painterly
  • scholarly
  • stately
  • unworldly
  • bristly
  • curly
  • frilly
  • holy
  • lowly
  • northeasterly
  • princely
  • sly
  • unfriendly
  • womanly
  • beastly
  • crumply
  • fortnightly
  • heavenly
  • lively
  • neighborly
  • Portly
  • slatternly
  • ugly
  • wily

adverbs list in english a list of adverbs

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