Phrasal Verbs Related To Sports

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Sports often involve specific actions and events that are best described using phrasal verbs. To better communicate your sports experiences, we’ve collected 20 phrasal verbs related to sports. Learn these verbs to express yourself accurately and fluently during your athletic conversations.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs related to Sports:

  1. Warm up
  2. Work out
  3. Cool down
  4. Try out
  5. Drop out
  6. Catch up
  7. Keep up
  8. Fall behind
  9. Knock out
  10. Kick off
  11. Send off
  12. Take on
  13. Give up
  14. Cheer on
  15. Pass up
  16. Drop back
  17. Miss out on
  18. Join in
  19. Fill in
  20. Call off

Sports Related Phrasal Verbs with Their Meanings & Examples

Warm up

Meaning: To prepare the body for exercise or a game by doing gentle exercises.

Example: It’s important to warm up before starting your workout.

Work out

Meaning: To exercise to improve health and fitness.

Example: He works out at the gym every day after work.

Cool down

Meaning: To perform gentle exercises after intense physical activity.

Example: After running, it’s crucial to cool down properly.

Try out

Meaning: To test or audition for a place in a sports team.

Example: She’s trying out for the school’s basketball team this year.

Drop out

Meaning: To leave a competition before finishing it.

Example: He had to drop out of the race due to an injury.

Catch up

Meaning: To reach the same level or position as others.

Example: He’s trying to catch up with the leader of the race.

Keep up

Meaning: To maintain the same pace as others.

Example: She found it hard to keep up with her teammate’s speed.

Fall behind

Meaning: To fail to maintain the same pace as others.

Example: He fell behind after the first few laps of the race.

Knock out

Meaning: To eliminate an opponent from a competition.

Example: The team was knocked out of the tournament in the semi-finals.

Kick off

Meaning: To start a game or event, especially in soccer.

Example: The match will kick off at 3 PM.

Send off

Meaning: To dismiss a player from a game for misconduct.

Example: The referee sent off two players for fighting.

Take on

Meaning: To compete against or face an opponent.

Example: Our team will take on last year’s champions in the final.

Give up

Meaning: To stop trying or concede defeat.

Example: Even though they were losing, they refused to give up.

Cheer on

Meaning: To encourage and support a team or player.

Example: Fans gathered in the stadium to cheer on their favorite team.

Pass up

Meaning: To decline or refuse an opportunity or offer.

Example: She couldn’t pass up the chance to compete in the marathon.

Drop back

Meaning: To move to a position further behind.

Example: He dropped back to let his teammate take the lead.

Miss out on

Meaning: To lose the opportunity to participate in something.

Example: She missed out on the competition due to an injury.

Join in

Meaning: To participate in an activity with others.

Example: He joined in with the group for a friendly game of soccer.

Fill in

Meaning: To temporarily replace an absent player or member.

Example: The coach asked me to fill in for an injured player.

Call off

Meaning: To cancel an event or activity.

Example: The coach called off the game because of heavy rain.

Phrasal Verbs Related To Sports

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