Phrasal Verbs with Back

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Phrasal verbs involving “back” often relate to returning, reversing, or withholding actions. By understanding these expressions, you can improve your communication skills in English. Here’s a list of phrasal verbs using “back,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Back”:

  1. Bring back
  2. Take back
  3. Come back
  4. Go back
  5. Get back
  6. Look back
  7. Hold back
  8. Pull back
  9. Fall back
  10. Cut back
  11. Pay back
  12. Set back
  13. Sit back
  14. Stand back
  15. Turn back
  16. Put back
  17. Give back
  18. Step back
  19. Push back
  20. Call back

Phrasal Verbs with “Back” and Their Meanings

Bring Back

Meaning: To return something or revive a concept.

Example: The new CEO brought back the company’s original mission statement.

Take Back

Meaning: To retract a statement or return something.

Example: I take back what I said about him; he’s actually very kind.

Come Back

Meaning: To return to a place or memory.

Example: She came back to visit her hometown after many years.

Go Back

Meaning: To return to a previous place or time.

Example: He decided to go back to school to complete his degree.

Get Back

Meaning: To return to a place or regain possession of something.

Example: I need to get back my umbrella from John.

Look Back

Meaning: To reflect on or think about past events.

Example: When I look back on my childhood, I remember my grandparents fondly.

Hold Back

Meaning: To restrain someone or something.

Example: The police tried to hold back the crowd during the protest.

Pull Back

Meaning: To retreat or withdraw.

Example: The army pulled back to regroup and reorganize their strategy.

Fall Back

Meaning: To retreat or rely on something for support.

Example: The troops fell back after facing heavy opposition.

Cut Back

Meaning: To reduce the amount of something.

Example: The company cut back on its expenses due to the economic downturn.

Pay Back

Meaning: To return borrowed money or retaliate.

Example: I’ll pay back the money I borrowed next week.

Set Back

Meaning: To delay progress.

Example: The project’s completion was set back by several months due to the pandemic.

Sit Back

Meaning: To relax and not take action.

Example: She decided to sit back and enjoy the concert.

Stand Back

Meaning: To maintain a distance or avoid involvement.

Example: Please stand back while the machine is operating.

Turn Back

Meaning: To reverse direction or change one’s decision.

Example: The hikers turned back when they encountered a dangerous path.

Put Back

Meaning: To return something to its original place.

Example: Please put back the tools after using them.

Give Back

Meaning: To return something to its owner.

Example: She gave back the book she borrowed from the library.

Step Back

Meaning: To distance oneself from something for perspective or to retreat.

Example: He decided to step back from his job to spend more time with his family.

Push Back

Meaning: To resist or delay something.

Example: The community pushed back against the proposed new regulations.

Call Back

Meaning: To return a phone call or summon someone to return.

Example: I’ll call back once I have more information.

Phrasal Verbs with Back

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