Phrasal Verbs with Blow

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Phrasal verbs with “blow” often refer to the movement of air, an explosive action, or a failure. By understanding these phrasal verbs, you can better express yourself in English. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs using “blow,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Blow”:

  1. Blow away
  2. Blow up
  3. Blow out
  4. Blow off
  5. Blow over
  6. Blow down
  7. Blow through
  8. Blow in
  9. Blow apart
  10. Blow back
  11. Blow off steam
  12. Blow someone away
  13. Blow one’s top
  14. Blow one’s mind
  15. Blow someone’s cover
  16. Blow up at
  17. Blow hot and cold
  18. Blow someone’s brains out
  19. Blow one’s own trumpet
  20. Blow the whistle on

Phrasal Verbs with “Blow” and Their Meanings

Blow Away

Meaning: To impress greatly or to remove something by the force of wind.

Example: Her incredible singing blew me away!

Blow Up

Meaning: To explode or increase in size.

Example: The car blew up after colliding with a truck.

Blow Out

Meaning: To extinguish a flame or burst a tire.

Example: Make a wish before you blow out the birthday candles!

Blow Off

Meaning: To ignore, dismiss, or avoid.

Example: He blew off the meeting because he wanted to sleep in.

Blow Over

Meaning: To pass without serious consequences or subside.

Example: The storm blew over, and the sun came out again.

Blow Down

Meaning: To knock something over with wind or air.

Example: The hurricane blew down several trees in the neighborhood.

Blow Through

Meaning: To spend money quickly or consume rapidly.

Example: He blew through his inheritance in just a few months.

Blow In

Meaning: To arrive suddenly or unexpectedly.

Example: She blew in from New York to surprise her family.

Blow Apart

Meaning: To destroy or disintegrate through an explosion.

Example: The bomb blew apart the entire building.

Blow Back

Meaning: To experience unintended negative consequences of an action.

Example: The new policy could blow back on the administration if it’s not well received.

Blow Off Steam

Meaning: To release pent-up energy or emotions.

Example: He went for a long run to blow off steam after the argument.

Blow Someone Away

Meaning: To amaze or impress someone greatly.

Example: Her dance performance blew the judges away!

Blow One’s Top

Meaning: To lose one’s temper suddenly.

Example: He blew his top when he found out about the missing funds.

Blow One’s Mind

Meaning: To astound or overwhelm someone.

Example: The plot twist in the movie blew my mind!

Blow Someone’s Cover

Meaning: To reveal someone’s true identity or intentions.

Example: The journalist blew the spy’s cover by publishing his photos.

Blow Up At

Meaning: To suddenly become very angry at someone.

Example: She blew up at her assistant for missing the deadline.

Blow Hot and Cold

Meaning: To change one’s opinions or feelings frequently.

Example: He’s always blowing hot and cold about his career plans.

Blow Someone’s Brains Out

Meaning: To kill someone by shooting them in the head.

Example: The assassin was ordered to blow the target’s brains out.

Blow One’s Own Trumpet

Meaning: To boast or brag about oneself.

Example: She enjoys blowing her own trumpet about her achievements.

Blow the Whistle On

Meaning: To expose illegal or unethical behavior.

Example: The accountant blew the whistle on the company’s fraudulent practices.

Phrasal Verbs with Blow

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