Phrasal Verbs with Break

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Phrasal verbs involving “break” are commonly used in everyday English to describe actions related to separation, interruption, or division. Understanding these phrasal verbs will enhance your language skills. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs using “break,” along with their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Break”:

  1. Break away
  2. Break down
  3. Break into
  4. Break up
  5. Break out
  6. Break off
  7. Break through
  8. Break in
  9. Break apart
  10. Break with
  11. Break even
  12. Break free
  13. Break open
  14. Break loose
  15. Break one’s back
  16. Break the ice
  17. Break someone’s heart
  18. Break the bank
  19. Break ground
  20. Break new ground

Phrasal Verbs with “Break” and Their Meanings

Break Away

Meaning: To escape from someone or something holding you back.

Example: The prisoner tried to break away from the guards.

Break Down

Meaning: To stop functioning or to lose control emotionally.

Example: Her car broke down on the way to work.

Example: After hearing the sad news, she broke down in tears.

Break Into

Meaning: To enter a place by force, often illegally.

Example: The burglars broke into the house last night.

Break Up

Meaning: To end a relationship or separate into smaller pieces.

Example: Tom and Susan broke up after dating for five years.

Break Out

Meaning: To escape from confinement or to suddenly start something.

Example: Several prisoners broke out of jail.

Break Off

Meaning: To end or discontinue something abruptly.

Example: She broke off her engagement with John.

Break Through

Meaning: To overcome an obstacle or achieve a significant success.

Example: Scientists finally broke through the mystery of the disease.

Break In

Meaning: To force entry into a place or to wear something until it’s comfortable.

Example: I need to break in these new shoes before the marathon.

Break Apart

Meaning: To disintegrate or fall into pieces.

Example: The ship broke apart after hitting the rocks.

Break With

Meaning: To end a relationship or tradition.

Example: He broke with his family after the dispute.

Break Even

Meaning: To neither gain nor lose money.

Example: After the initial investment, the business finally broke even.

Break Free

Meaning: To escape from confinement or restraint.

Example: The hostage managed to break free from his captors.

Break Open

Meaning: To forcefully open something.

Example: The police broke open the door to rescue the children.

Break Loose

Meaning: To escape or become free from control.

Example: The lion broke loose from its cage.

Break One’s Back

Meaning: To put in a lot of hard work or effort.

Example: He broke his back to meet the deadline.

Break the Ice

Meaning: To start a conversation or make people feel more comfortable.

Example: She told a joke to break the ice at the meeting.

Break Someone’s Heart

Meaning: To cause someone emotional pain.

Example: Leaving her broke his heart.

Break the Bank

Meaning: To cost a lot of money.

Example: The wedding almost broke the bank.

Break Ground

Meaning: To start a new construction project.

Example: They broke ground on the new shopping mall yesterday.

Break New Ground

Meaning: To do something innovative or unprecedented.

Example: The research team broke new ground in cancer treatment.

Phrasal Verbs with Break

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