Phrasal Verbs with Bring

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Phrasal verbs involving “bring” describe actions related to conveying, persuading, or achieving results. Understanding these phrasal verbs will enhance your communication. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs using “bring,” along with their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Bring”:

  1. Bring about
  2. Bring around
  3. Bring back
  4. Bring down
  5. Bring forth
  6. Bring in
  7. Bring off
  8. Bring on
  9. Bring out
  10. Bring over
  11. Bring round
  12. Bring to
  13. Bring together
  14. Bring up
  15. Bring forward
  16. Bring under
  17. Bring along
  18. Bring into
  19. Bring it on
  20. Bring home to

Phrasal Verbs with “Bring” and Their Meanings

Bring About

Meaning: To cause or result in something.

Example: The new government policies aim to bring about positive changes.

Bring Around

Meaning: To convince someone or to bring someone back to consciousness.

Example: She finally brought her parents around to her way of thinking.

Bring Back

Meaning: To return something or reintroduce something from the past.

Example: Can you bring back the book you borrowed?

Bring Down

Meaning: To reduce or to make someone unhappy.

Example: The government is working to bring down unemployment rates.

Bring Forth

Meaning: To produce or present something.

Example: The team brought forth a compelling solution to the problem.

Bring In

Meaning: To generate income or involve someone in something.

Example: Her business brings in thousands of dollars each month.

Bring Off

Meaning: To succeed in doing something difficult.

Example: Despite the challenges, the team brought off the project on time.

Bring On

Meaning: To cause something to happen.

Example: The cold weather brought on my flu symptoms.

Bring Out

Meaning: To reveal or publish something.

Example: The intense competition brought out the best in her.

Bring Over

Meaning: To bring someone or something to a particular place.

Example: Can you bring over your guitar for the party tonight?

Bring Round

Meaning: To persuade or convince someone or to regain consciousness.

Example: It took a while, but the doctors brought her round after the accident.

Bring To

Meaning: To regain consciousness or to make someone conscious.

Example: The paramedics worked quickly to bring the injured man to.

Bring Together

Meaning: To unite people for a common purpose.

Example: The event brought together people from all walks of life.

Bring Up

Meaning: To raise a topic or a child.

Example: She brought up an important issue during the meeting.

Bring Forward

Meaning: To present or propose something.

Example: The committee brought forward several suggestions for improvement.

Bring Under

Meaning: To subdue or bring under control.

Example: The government sought to bring the rebels under control.

Bring Along

Meaning: To take someone or something with you.

Example: He decided to bring along his sister to the concert.

Bring Into

Meaning: To include or involve someone in a situation.

Example: The manager decided to bring John into the new project.

Bring It On

Meaning: To challenge or invite competition.

Example: When asked if he was ready for the game, he replied, “Bring it on!”

Bring Home To

Meaning: To make someone fully understand or realize something.

Example: The recent power outage brought home to us how much we rely on electricity.

Phrasal Verbs with Bring

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