Phrasal Verbs with Brush

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Phrasal verbs involving “brush” often relate to quick or slight contact or the act of removing. Understanding these phrasal verbs will help you enhance your English communication skills. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “brush,” their meanings, and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Brush”:

  1. Brush aside
  2. Brush off
  3. Brush up on
  4. Brush over
  5. Brush against
  6. Brush past
  7. Brush down
  8. Brush out
  9. Brush away
  10. Brush through
  11. Brush across
  12. Brush together
  13. Brush under the carpet
  14. Brush up
  15. Brush aside criticism
  16. Brush against obstacles
  17. Brush through challenges
  18. Brush off mistakes
  19. Brush back
  20. Brush off negativity

Phrasal Verbs with “Brush” and Their Meanings

Brush Up

Meaning: To tidy or improve one’s appearance.

Example: She quickly brushed up her hair before the meeting.

Brush Aside

Meaning: To dismiss or disregard something casually.

Example: She brushed aside all criticisms and continued with her plan.

Brush Off

Meaning: To dismiss or ignore someone or something.

Example: He brushed off the negative comments and focused on his goals.

Brush Up On

Meaning: To improve or refresh one’s knowledge or skill in a particular area.

Example: I need to brush up on my Spanish before the trip.

Brush Over

Meaning: To deal with or treat something quickly and superficially.

Example: The politician brushed over the controversial issues during his speech.

Brush Against

Meaning: To touch something lightly while passing.

Example: She brushed against him in the crowded hallway.

Brush Past

Meaning: To pass someone or something closely or hurriedly.

Example: He brushed past me without even acknowledging my presence.

Brush Down

Meaning: To clean something by brushing.

Example: The groom brushed down the horse’s coat before the show.

Brush Out

Meaning: To remove knots or tangles by brushing.

Example: She brushed out her hair carefully after removing the braids.

Brush Away

Meaning: To remove something with a brushing action.

Example: He brushed away the dust from the old book.

Brush Through

Meaning: To move through something with light or minimal contact.

Example: The cat brushed through the tall grass as it hunted for mice.

Brush Across

Meaning: To touch or move lightly across a surface.

Example: His fingers brushed across her cheek softly.

Brush Together

Meaning: To gather or collect things by brushing them together.

Example: He brushed together the leaves into a neat pile.

Brush Under the Carpet

Meaning: To ignore or conceal something unpleasant.

Example: You can’t just brush your problems under the carpet forever.

Brush Aside Criticism

Meaning: To disregard criticism without giving it importance.

Example: Despite the backlash, he brushed aside criticism and continued working.

Brush Against Obstacles

Meaning: To face challenges lightly or without much impact.

Example: Although he faced difficulties, he merely brushed against obstacles and moved forward.

Brush Through Challenges

Meaning: To navigate challenges easily or smoothly.

Example: She brushed through challenges with confidence and determination.

Brush Off Mistakes

Meaning: To dismiss one’s own or someone else’s mistakes lightly.

Example: Instead of dwelling on the error, he brushed off mistakes and learned from them.

Brush Back

Meaning: To push something or someone backward with a brushing action.

Example: The wind brushed back her hair as she walked along the coast.

Brush Off Negativity

Meaning: To ignore or dismiss negative thoughts or comments.

Example: She brushed off negativity and stayed focused on her goals.

Phrasal Verbs with Brush

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