Phrasal Verbs with Catch

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Phrasal verbs with “catch” often relate to understanding, stopping, or seizing something quickly. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs using “catch,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Catch”:

  1. Catch up
  2. Catch on
  3. Catch out
  4. Catch at
  5. Catch by
  6. Catch hold of
  7. Catch onto
  8. Catch up on
  9. Catch up with
  10. Catch out of
  11. Catch back
  12. Catch around
  13. Catch across
  14. Catch into
  15. Catch away
  16. Catch after
  17. Catch aside
  18. Catch along
  19. Catch forth
  20. Catch beneath

Phrasal Verbs with “Catch” and Their Meanings

Catch Up

Meaning: To reach the same level or position as someone else.

Example: He worked hard to catch up with his classmates after missing school.

Catch On

Meaning: To understand or realize something.

Example: It took her a while to catch on to the new game rules.

Catch Out

Meaning: To expose someone’s wrongdoing.

Example: The reporter caught out the politician by revealing his false statements.

Catch At

Meaning: To seize or grab something suddenly.

Example: The child caught at his mother’s hand in the crowded market.

Catch By

Meaning: To hold or grab someone or something.

Example: He caught her by the arm to prevent her from falling.

Catch Hold Of

Meaning: To grasp something firmly.

Example: She caught hold of the railing to steady herself.

Catch Onto

Meaning: To understand or grasp an idea or concept.

Example: The students quickly caught onto the new math concept.

Catch Up On

Meaning: To do something that should have been done earlier.

Example: He stayed late at work to catch up on his paperwork.

Catch Up With

Meaning: To affect someone, usually negatively, after a delay.

Example: His lack of sleep finally caught up with him, and he became ill.

Catch Out Of

Meaning: To unexpectedly trap or discover.

Example: The quick storm caught them out of their campsite.

Catch Back

Meaning: To retrieve or regain something.

Example: She managed to catch back her lost documents from the archives.

Catch Around

Meaning: To secure or fasten something around a surface or object.

Example: The sailor caught a rope around the anchor to secure it.

Catch Across

Meaning: To understand or gain comprehension across different areas.

Example: He managed to catch across the diverse topics in the course.

Catch Into

Meaning: To involve oneself in something.

Example: He caught into the conversation with enthusiasm.

Catch Away

Meaning: To take or snatch something quickly from a place.

Example: The strong wind caught away his hat.

Catch After

Meaning: To follow or chase after someone or something.

Example: The dog caught after the ball enthusiastically.

Catch Aside

Meaning: To divert or move aside.

Example: He caught the curtain aside to look out of the window.

Catch Along

Meaning: To keep pace or follow along with someone or something.

Example: She caught along with her friend’s singing.

Catch Forth

Meaning: To forcefully move forward or outward.

Example: The horse caught forth with all its energy during the race.

Catch Beneath

Meaning: To trap or seize something underneath.

Example: The roots of the tree caught the soil beneath firmly.

Phrasal Verbs with Catch

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