Phrasal Verbs with Carry

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Phrasal verbs with “carry” are versatile and cover a range of meanings from continuing tasks to completing goals. Understanding these phrasal verbs will enrich your vocabulary and enhance your ability to express ideas more precisely.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Carry”:

  1. Carry on
  2. Carry out
  3. Carry forward
  4. Carry over
  5. Carry off
  6. Carry around
  7. Carry away
  8. Carry through
  9. Carry along
  10. Carry back
  11. Carry round
  12. Carry under
  13. Carry into
  14. Carry through with
  15. Carry up
  16. Carry across
  17. Carry down
  18. Carry before
  19. Carry at
  20. Carry past

Phrasal Verbs with “Carry” and Their Meanings

Carry On

Meaning: To continue doing something.

Example: She carried on with her studies despite the challenges.

Carry Out

Meaning: To execute or perform a task or action.

Example: The scientists carried out an experiment to test the new drug.

Carry Forward

Meaning: To transfer something to a new period or context.

Example: They decided to carry forward the unused vacation days to the next year.

Carry Over

Meaning: To continue or extend beyond an expected time.

Example: The project timeline was carried over due to unforeseen delays.

Carry Off

Meaning: To succeed in doing something difficult.

Example: He carried off the lead role in the play with great skill.

Carry Around

Meaning: To have something with you regularly or everywhere.

Example: She always carries around a notebook to jot down ideas.

Carry Away

Meaning: To be greatly influenced by strong emotions or enthusiasm.

Example: The team got carried away celebrating their victory.

Carry Through

Meaning: To complete something successfully.

Example: His determination carried him through the difficult exam.

Carry Along

Meaning: To persuade or encourage others to support an idea.

Example: His speech carried along the entire audience.

Carry Back

Meaning: To bring something to mind from the past.

Example: The smell of the ocean carried her back to her childhood vacations.

Carry Round

Meaning: To take something from one place to another repeatedly.

Example: He carries round his camera wherever he goes.

Carry Under

Meaning: To submerge or overwhelm.

Example: The waves carried him under before the lifeguard could reach him.

Carry Into

Meaning: To bring something into a particular state or condition.

Example: Her enthusiasm carried into the team, making everyone more productive.

Carry Through With

Meaning: To follow through or complete a task as planned.

Example: Despite obstacles, she carried through with her promise to finish the project.

Carry Up

Meaning: To lift or transport something upwards.

Example: The wind carried up the kite into the sky.

Carry Across

Meaning: To convey or communicate successfully.

Example: He carried across his point clearly in the meeting.

Carry Down

Meaning: To bring something downwards.

Example: He carefully carried down the fragile vase.

Carry Before

Meaning: To present or submit something to an authority.

Example: The lawyer carried the evidence before the court.

Carry At

Meaning: To attack something with determination.

Example: She carried at the challenging task with relentless energy.

Carry Past

Meaning: To help someone or something overcome an obstacle.

Example: His encouragement carried her past her fears.

Phrasal Verbs with Carry

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