Phrasal Verbs with Check

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Phrasal verbs using “check” are essential in everyday English, aiding in expressing actions related to verification, examination, or sudden stopping. Below is a detailed list of such phrases with definitions and practical examples to enhance your understanding and usage.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Check”:

  1. Check in
  2. Check out
  3. Check off
  4. Check up on
  5. Check through
  6. Check over
  7. Check back
  8. Check for
  9. Check into
  10. Check against
  11. Check along
  12. Check around
  13. Check by
  14. Check off on
  15. Check onto
  16. Check out from
  17. Check through
  18. Check up
  19. Check with
  20. Check down

Phrasal Verbs with “Check” and Their Meanings

Check In

Meaning: To register upon arrival, especially at hotels or airports.

Example: We need to check in at the hotel before 5 PM.

Check Out

Meaning: To leave a hotel after paying; to borrow from a library; or to investigate something.

Example: After checking out from the hotel, we headed straight to the airport.

Check Off

Meaning: To mark something as done on a list.

Example: She checked off the items from her grocery list as she shopped.

Check Up On

Meaning: To verify the condition or well-being of someone or something.

Example: I need to check up on my grandmother to see if she needs anything.

Check Through

Meaning: To examine thoroughly.

Example: The customs officers checked through our luggage at the airport.

Check Over

Meaning: To examine something carefully to ensure it is correct or safe.

Example: Please check over the report for any errors before submitting it.

Check Back

Meaning: To return to a place or situation to verify or reassess something.

Example: I will check back later to see if your prescription is ready.

Check For

Meaning: To look for something specifically.

Example: Check for any signs of leakage under the sink.

Check Into

Meaning: To investigate or look into a situation.

Example: The detective is checking into the background of the suspect.

Check Against

Meaning: To verify or confirm one set of data or information against another.

Example: Always check your receipts against your bank statements.

Check Along

Meaning: To examine while moving along a path or direction.

Example: The security guard checked along the fence for any breaks.

Check Around

Meaning: To look or search in different places.

Example: Check around for any extra chairs we can use.

Check By

Meaning: To verify by visiting or stopping by.

Example: Could you check by the office to pick up those documents?

Check Off On

Meaning: To approve or certify something after examination.

Example: The supervisor checked off on the final plans for the project.

Check Onto

Meaning: To ensure someone or something has successfully joined or been placed on something.

Example: Passengers are checked onto their flights at the gate.

Check Out From

Meaning: To leave a location, especially a hotel, after paying.

Example: We checked out from the resort after breakfast.

Check Through

Meaning: To examine all aspects thoroughly.

Example: Make sure to check through the inventory for missing items.

Check Up

Meaning: To verify or confirm by investigation.

Example: The manager will check up on the progress of the new hire.

Check With

Meaning: To consult or confirm with someone.

Example: Check with the HR department for any missing paperwork.

Check Down

Meaning: To reduce or lower a number or amount.

Example: The cashier checked down the total after applying the discount.

Phrasal Verbs with Check 2

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