Phrasal Verbs with Clear

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Phrasal verbs with “clear” help to express clarity, removal, or the act of passing an obstacle. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “clear,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Clear”:

  1. Clear up
  2. Clear out
  3. Clear away
  4. Clear off
  5. Clear down
  6. Clear through
  7. Clear along
  8. Clear back
  9. Clear in
  10. Clear over
  11. Clear forward
  12. Clear aside
  13. Clear with
  14. Clear between
  15. Clear from
  16. Clear to
  17. Clear under
  18. Clear out of
  19. Clear past
  20. Clear around

Phrasal Verbs with “Clear” and Their Meanings

Clear Away

Meaning: To remove items, especially to tidy up.

Example: Please clear away your dishes after dinner.

Clear Down

Meaning: To dismantle or remove completely.

Example: They cleared down the stage set after the concert.

Clear Up

Meaning: To make clear or understandable; to resolve a confusion or problem.

Example: The weather is expected to clear up by the afternoon.

Clear Out

Meaning: To remove people or items from a place; to vacate.

Example: It’s time to clear out the garage and get rid of old junk.

Clear Off

Meaning: To leave quickly; to go away.

Example: He cleared off before anyone could ask him about the broken vase.

Clear Through

Meaning: To pass through or complete without obstruction.

Example: He managed to clear through customs without any issues.

Clear Along

Meaning: To make progress in a direction while removing obstacles.

Example: The police cleared along the street to make way for the parade.

Clear Back

Meaning: To move back or away from something.

Example: The crowd was asked to clear back from the barricades.

Clear In

Meaning: To remove obstructions to gain access.

Example: The rescue team cleared in through the rubble to reach the survivors.

Clear Over

Meaning: To pass over or above something without obstruction.

Example: The ball cleared over the goalpost by just a few inches.

Clear Forward

Meaning: To move or pass something in a forward direction.

Example: He cleared forward the proposal to his superiors for review.

Clear Aside

Meaning: To move something out of the way.

Example: Please clear aside those boxes so we can walk through.

Clear With

Meaning: To gain approval from someone.

Example: You should clear with the manager before taking a day off.

Clear Between

Meaning: To remove any obstacles or misunderstandings between two parties.

Example: They cleared between themselves to resolve their long-standing dispute.

Clear From

Meaning: To remove an item or issue from a specific place or context.

Example: The graffiti was cleared from the walls overnight.

Clear To

Meaning: To remove obstacles until reaching a certain point.

Example: They cleared to the main road by removing the fallen trees.

Clear Under

Meaning: To remove items obstructing a path below something.

Example: He cleared under the sink to make room for the new pipes.

Clear Out Of

Meaning: To remove oneself completely from a place.

Example: The tenants cleared out of the apartment before the lease expired.

Clear Past

Meaning: To move past something or someone.

Example: She cleared past the other runners to finish the race first.

Clear Around

Meaning: To remove obstacles in a circular or surrounding manner.

Example: The team cleared around the stadium to create a safe zone.

Phrasal Verbs with Clear

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