Phrasal Verbs with Come

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Phrasal verbs using “come” are versatile and commonly used to describe movement, arrival, recovery, or improvement. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “come,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Come”:

  1. Come across
  2. Come along
  3. Come apart
  4. Come around
  5. Come back
  6. Come by
  7. Come down
  8. Come forward
  9. Come in
  10. Come off
  11. Come on
  12. Come out
  13. Come over
  14. Come through
  15. Come to
  16. Come together
  17. Come under
  18. Come up
  19. Come up against
  20. Come up with

Phrasal Verbs with “Come” and Their Meanings

Come Across

Meaning: To find or meet something or someone by chance.

Example: I came across my old diary while cleaning out the attic.

Come Along

Meaning: To accompany someone; to progress or improve.

Example: Would you like to come along to the movie with us?

Come Apart

Meaning: To separate or disintegrate.

Example: The book started to come apart after years of use.

Come Around

Meaning: To regain consciousness; to change one’s opinion.

Example: After the surgery, he gradually came around.

Come Back

Meaning: To return to a place or situation.

Example: She plans to come back to her hometown after college.

Come By

Meaning: To obtain or acquire something; to visit briefly.

Example: Good jobs are hard to come by these days.

Come Down

Meaning: To fall or decrease; to criticize someone harshly.

Example: House prices have started to come down recently.

Come Forward

Meaning: To volunteer information or assistance.

Example: The witness came forward with crucial evidence for the case.

Come In

Meaning: To enter; to arrive or become available.

Example: Please come in and have a seat.

Come Off

Meaning: To succeed; to become detached.

Example: Despite the challenges, the plan came off smoothly.

Come On

Meaning: To encourage movement; to progress or improve; to appear or begin.

Example: Come on, let’s hurry up before we miss the train!

Come Out

Meaning: To become known or visible; to be published or released.

Example: His new book is coming out next month.

Come Over

Meaning: To visit someone; to affect someone strongly.

Example: Why don’t you come over to my place for dinner?

Come Through

Meaning: To successfully complete or survive something difficult.

Example: The team came through the challenges with flying colors.

Come To

Meaning: To regain consciousness; to amount to a total.

Example: The patient finally came to after the anesthesia wore off.

Come Together

Meaning: To unite for a common purpose; to make sense or be resolved.

Example: The community came together to support the local charity.

Come Under

Meaning: To be subjected to something, especially criticism or scrutiny.

Example: The politician came under fire for his controversial remarks.

Come Up

Meaning: To be mentioned; to occur or happen unexpectedly.

Example: Her name came up several times during the meeting.

Come Up Against

Meaning: To face a challenge or difficulty.

Example: The company came up against numerous legal issues.

Come Up With

Meaning: To think of or produce an idea or solution.

Example: The team came up with a brilliant marketing strategy.


Phrasal Verbs with Come

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