Phrasal Verbs with Cut

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Phrasal verbs with “cut” often describe reduction, separation, or interruption. Here’s a detailed list of phrasal verbs with “cut,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Cut”:

  1. Cut across
  2. Cut back
  3. Cut down
  4. Cut in
  5. Cut off
  6. Cut out
  7. Cut up
  8. Cut through
  9. Cut away
  10. Cut back on
  11. Cut into
  12. Cut apart
  13. Cut by
  14. Cut down on
  15. Cut from
  16. Cut out for
  17. Cut off from
  18. Cut over to
  19. Cut under
  20. Cut to

Phrasal Verbs with “Cut” and Their Meanings

Cut Across

Meaning: To go through an area to shorten a journey; to affect multiple groups.

Example: If we cut across the park, we’ll save time.

Cut Back

Meaning: To reduce in quantity or amount.

Example: We’ve had to cut back on our spending this month.

Cut Down

Meaning: To reduce or decrease; to fell a tree or plant.

Example: I’ve been trying to cut down on sugar.

Cut In

Meaning: To interrupt someone speaking; to enter a lane suddenly.

Example: He always cuts in when I’m talking.

Cut Off

Meaning: To interrupt or stop suddenly; to remove by cutting.

Example: The storm cut off the power supply to the village.

Cut Out

Meaning: To stop doing or remove something; to shape or form by cutting.

Example: My doctor advised me to cut out fatty foods.

Cut Up

Meaning: To chop into smaller pieces; to make fun of someone.

Example: She cut up the vegetables for the salad.

Cut Through

Meaning: To go through or penetrate something.

Example: The new tunnel cuts through the mountain.

Cut Away

Meaning: To remove by cutting; to leave or depart suddenly.

Example: The director cut away to a new scene.

Cut Back On

Meaning: To reduce the use or consumption of something.

Example: He decided to cut back on his caffeine intake.

Cut Into

Meaning: To reduce or affect something negatively.

Example: Unexpected expenses cut into our savings.

Cut Apart

Meaning: To separate by cutting.

Example: She cut apart the fabric pieces for the quilt.

Cut By

Meaning: To reduce by a specific amount.

Example: The company has cut its workforce by 0 percent.

Cut Down On

Meaning: To reduce the quantity or amount of something.

Example: He needs to cut down on his alcohol consumption.

Cut From

Meaning: To remove someone or something from a group or selection.

Example: She was cut from the basketball team during tryouts.

Cut Out For

Meaning: To be naturally suited or qualified for something.

Example: She isn’t cut out for a desk job.

Cut Off From

Meaning: To be isolated or disconnected from something.

Example: The villagers were cut off from the outside world due to the flooding.

Cut Over To

Meaning: To change or switch to another system or process.

Example: The company plans to cut over to the new software next week.

Cut Under

Meaning: To undermine or undersell someone or something.

Example: The new competitor tried to cut under our prices.

Cut To

Meaning: To move directly to a specific point or topic.

Example: Let’s cut to the chase and discuss the main issue.

Phrasal Verbs with Cut

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