Phrasal Verbs with Do

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Phrasal verbs involving “do” can help convey various meanings related to completion, deception, repair, and more. Here’s a comprehensive list with definitions and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Do”:

  1. Do away with
  2. Do up
  3. Do over
  4. Do in
  5. Do without
  6. Do by
  7. Do out of
  8. Do down
  9. Do for
  10. Do into
  11. Do over
  12. Do out
  13. Do up with
  14. Do around
  15. Do with
  16. Do back
  17. Do over as
  18. Do through
  19. Do down on
  20. Do by yourself

Phrasal Verbs with “Do” and Their Meanings

Do Up With

Meaning: To secure or fasten with something.

Example: She did up her hair with a ribbon.

Do Around

Meaning: To deceive or trick someone.

Example: He did her around by selling fake tickets.

Do Away With

Meaning: To eliminate or remove something entirely.

Example: The company decided to do away with unnecessary paperwork.

Do Up

Meaning: To fasten or secure; to decorate or repair something.

Example: Could you do up my dress for me?

Do Over

Meaning: To redo or repeat something.

Example: I didn’t like my first essay, so I decided to do it over.

Do In

Meaning: To exhaust someone or cause severe harm.

Example: That marathon completely did me in; I could hardly walk afterward.

Do Without

Meaning: To manage without something.

Example: During the trip, they had to do without electricity for a few days.

Do By

Meaning: To treat someone in a particular way.

Example: You should do by others as you would have them do by you.

Do Out Of

Meaning: To cheat or deprive someone of something.

Example: He was done out of his inheritance by a scheming relative.

Do Down

Meaning: To criticize someone unfairly or to damage their reputation.

Example: His colleagues did him down to the boss for missing the deadline.

Do For

Meaning: To ruin or destroy someone or something.

Example: The heavy rain did for the picnic plans.

Do Into

Meaning: To translate or convert something into a different form.

Example: The poem was done into several languages.

Do Over

Meaning: To decorate or renovate.

Example: They did over the living room with fresh paint and new furniture.

Do Out

Meaning: To clean or tidy something thoroughly.

Example: We need to do out the attic before moving to the new house.

Do With

Meaning: To find a use for or be satisfied with something.

Example: I could do with a cup of coffee right now.

Do Back

Meaning: To harm or hurt someone as a form of revenge.

Example: He did her back for the insult she made last week.

Do Over As

Meaning: To transform or change into something different.

Example: They did over the guest room as a home office.

Do Through

Meaning: To check or inspect carefully.

Example: Make sure to do through the paperwork before signing.

Do Down On

Meaning: To criticize severely or attack.

Example: The manager did down on the team for missing the target.

Do By Yourself

Meaning: To achieve or accomplish something independently.

Example: She decided to do by herself and complete the project without help.

Phrasal Verbs with Do

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