Phrasal Verbs with Down

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Phrasal verbs with “down” often describe reduction, completion, or a downward movement. Here’s a detailed list of 20 phrasal verbs with “down,” along with meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Down”:

  1. Break down
  2. Cut down
  3. Fall down
  4. Go down
  5. Hold down
  6. Knock down
  7. Let down
  8. Lie down
  9. Look down on
  10. Mark down
  11. Play down
  12. Pull down
  13. Put down
  14. Settle down
  15. Slow down
  16. Track down
  17. Turn down
  18. Water down
  19. Write down
  20. Wind down

Phrasal Verbs with “Down” and Their Meanings

Break Down

Meaning: To stop functioning or fail.

Example: Their car broke down on the highway.

Cut Down

Meaning: To reduce or decrease.

Example: He is trying to cut down on his sugar intake.

Fall Down

Meaning: To collapse or drop to the ground.

Example: She tripped over a stone and fell down.

Go Down

Meaning: To be accepted or received in a certain way.

Example: His jokes didn’t go down well with the audience.

Hold Down

Meaning: To maintain or retain something.

Example: He managed to hold down a steady job for five years.

Knock Down

Meaning: To hit or demolish something, causing it to fall.

Example: The storm knocked down several trees.

Let Down

Meaning: To disappoint someone.

Example: I felt let down when he didn’t show up to help me move.

Lie Down

Meaning: To recline or rest horizontally.

Example: After a long day, he just wanted to lie down and relax.

Look Down On

Meaning: To consider oneself superior to others.

Example: She tends to look down on people who don’t share her interests.

Mark Down

Meaning: To reduce the price of an item.

Example: The store marked down its winter coats by 50%.

Play Down

Meaning: To minimize the importance of something.

Example: He played down the significance of his contribution to the project.

Pull Down

Meaning: To demolish or destroy a building.

Example: They plan to pull down the old cinema and build a shopping mall.

Put Down

Meaning: To place something on a surface; to criticize someone.

Example: He put down the book and turned off the light.

Example: She often puts down her colleagues during meetings.

Settle Down

Meaning: To become calm or establish a stable lifestyle.

Example: After traveling for a year, she decided to settle down in a small town.

Slow Down

Meaning: To reduce speed or pace.

Example: The driver slowed down when approaching the pedestrian crossing.

Track Down

Meaning: To locate or find someone or something.

Example: The police managed to track down the suspect’s hideout.

Turn Down

Meaning: To reject or refuse an offer.

Example: He turned down the job offer because it didn’t meet his expectations.

Water Down

Meaning: To dilute or weaken something.

Example: The report was watered down to avoid offending anyone.

Write Down

Meaning: To record information on paper.

Example: Please write down your phone number so I can contact you later.

Wind Down

Meaning: To gradually relax after stress or activity.

Example: After the concert, she took a long bath to wind down.

Phrasal Verbs with Down

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