Phrasal Verbs with Dress

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Phrasal verbs with “dress” help describe actions related to clothing and personal appearance. Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with “dress,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Dress”:

  1. Dress up
  2. Dress down
  3. Dress out
  4. Dress over
  5. Dress in
  6. Dress back
  7. Dress away
  8. Dress into
  9. Dress around
  10. Dress forward
  11. Dress through
  12. Dress away from
  13. Dress aside
  14. Dress towards
  15. Dress on
  16. Dress off
  17. Dress over to
  18. Dress across
  19. Dress past
  20. Dress by

Phrasal Verbs with “Dress” and Their Meanings

Dress Into

Meaning: To change into a different set of clothes.

Example: After work, she dressed into her gym clothes.

Dress Up

Meaning: To wear formal or special clothes for an occasion.

Example: The children dressed up as superheroes for Halloween.

Dress Down

Meaning: To wear casual clothes instead of formal attire.

Example: On Fridays, employees are allowed to dress down.

Dress Out

Meaning: To change clothes completely for a specific activity or purpose.

Example: The athletes dressed out for the basketball game.

Dress Over

Meaning: To cover or wrap in dressing or bandages.

Example: The nurse dressed over the wound to keep it clean.

Dress In

Meaning: To wear a particular type or style of clothing.

Example: The whole team dressed in matching uniforms for the event.

Dress Back

Meaning: To step back or retreat in formation.

Example: The soldiers were ordered to dress back from the front line.

Dress Away

Meaning: To smoothen or arrange neatly.

Example: He dressed away the folds on the curtains to make them look tidy.

Dress Around

Meaning: To arrange or adjust clothing or accessories around a particular area.

Example: The stylist dressed around the neckline with a beautiful scarf.

Dress Forward

Meaning: To arrange or align neatly in a forward direction.

Example: The sailors dressed forward on the deck for inspection.

Dress Through

Meaning: To arrange or align through a line or formation.

Example: The parade participants dressed through to maintain proper alignment.

Dress Away From

Meaning: To arrange or adjust away from something.

Example: The stylist dressed away from the collar to reveal the necklace.

Dress Aside

Meaning: To adjust clothing to the side.

Example: She dressed the skirt aside to avoid tripping over it.

Dress Towards

Meaning: To adjust or arrange towards a particular direction.

Example: The chef dressed towards the side of the plate for aesthetic presentation.

Dress On

Meaning: To wear something over other clothing.

Example: He dressed on a heavy coat to combat the cold weather.

Dress Off

Meaning: To remove or take off clothing.

Example: She dressed off her winter boots after coming inside.

Dress Over To

Meaning: To arrange or adjust towards a particular place.

Example: The stylist dressed over to the side to balance the outfit.

Dress Across

Meaning: To arrange or adjust across an area or direction.

Example: The decorator dressed across the mantelpiece with beautiful ornaments.

Dress Past

Meaning: To arrange or align neatly past a certain point.

Example: The soldiers dressed past the flagpole during the ceremony.

Dress By

Meaning: To arrange or align by following a particular guide or pattern.

Example: The guards dressed by the markings on the floor to ensure straight lines.

Phrasal Verbs with Dress 2

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