Phrasal Verbs with Drink

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Phrasal verbs with “drink” involve expressions related to the consumption of beverages or the act of drinking. Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with “drink,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Drink”:

  1. Drink up
  2. Drink down
  3. Drink in
  4. Drink off
  5. Drink away
  6. Drink to
  7. Drink back
  8. Drink through
  9. Drink around
  10. Drink out
  11. Drink over
  12. Drink off on
  13. Drink together
  14. Drink apart
  15. Drink over to
  16. Drink across
  17. Drink into
  18. Drink onto
  19. Drink past
  20. Drink along

Phrasal Verbs with “Drink” and Their Meanings

Drink Up

Meaning: To finish drinking all of a beverage.

Example: Make sure you drink up your water before leaving the gym.

Drink Down

Meaning: To swallow a liquid quickly.

Example: He drank down the medicine in one gulp.

Drink In

Meaning: To absorb or take in mentally or physically.

Example: She stood at the mountain summit, drinking in the breathtaking view.

Drink Off

Meaning: To consume a beverage completely, usually quickly.

Example: They drank off their champagne as the clock struck midnight.

Drink Away

Meaning: To try to eliminate worries or stress through excessive drinking.

Example: He tried to drink away his problems, but it only made things worse.

Drink To

Meaning: To raise a toast in honor of someone or something.

Example: Let’s drink to the success of our new project!

Drink Back

Meaning: To consume a beverage while suppressing emotions.

Example: She drank back her tears while sipping on the hot cocoa.

Drink Through

Meaning: To continue drinking despite challenges or obstacles.

Example: They drank through the night, celebrating their victory.

Drink Around

Meaning: To sample different beverages at different locations.

Example: They drank around town, trying different cocktails at various bars.

Drink Out

Meaning: To consume a beverage completely while out of the house.

Example: The friends drank out at the café before heading to the cinema.

Drink Over

Meaning: To have a drink while discussing or resolving something.

Example: They drank over their differences and came to an agreement.

Drink Off On

Meaning: To consume a drink quickly as part of a tradition or challenge.

Example: He drank off on the beer to win the drinking competition.

Drink Together

Meaning: To share beverages in a social setting.

Example: They drank together at the pub after work.

Drink Apart

Meaning: To drink separately or in different locations.

Example: Although they were miles apart, they drank apart to celebrate virtually.

Drink Over To

Meaning: To have a drink in honor of moving towards a goal.

Example: Let’s drink over to our future successes.

Drink Across

Meaning: To consume a beverage while crossing boundaries or obstacles.

Example: He drank across the river, marveling at the surrounding scenery.

Drink Into

Meaning: To consume a beverage while deeply engrossed in something.

Example: She drank into the story while sipping her hot chocolate.

Drink Onto

Meaning: To consume a drink while considering the next action.

Example: After drinking onto the idea for a while, he decided to pursue the business plan.

Drink Past

Meaning: To consume a drink while ignoring or overcoming a previous point.

Example: He drank past his frustrations and focused on the future.

Drink Along

Meaning: To consume a drink while accompanying someone or something.

Example: She drank along with her favorite song playing in the background.

Phrasal Verbs with Drink

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