Phrasal Verbs with Drive

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Phrasal verbs with “drive” convey a range of actions related to motivation, movement, and control. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “drive,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Drive”:

  1. Drive away
  2. Drive off
  3. Drive out
  4. Drive up
  5. Drive down
  6. Drive back
  7. Drive around
  8. Drive in
  9. Drive through
  10. Drive over
  11. Drive at
  12. Drive into
  13. Drive on
  14. Drive for
  15. Drive toward
  16. Drive out of
  17. Drive across
  18. Drive off with
  19. Drive along
  20. Drive aside

Phrasal Verbs with “Drive” and Their Meanings

Drive Away

Meaning: To force someone or something to leave.

Example: The new security measures will drive away potential thieves.

Drive Off

Meaning: To leave a place by vehicle, often quickly.

Example: He drove off without saying goodbye to anyone.

Drive Out

Meaning: To force something or someone to leave a place.

Example: The government aims to drive out corruption from public offices.

Drive Up

Meaning: To increase the price, value, or demand of something.

Example: Scarcity of materials is driving up the cost of building.

Drive Down

Meaning: To reduce the price or value of something.

Example: New competition is driving down the prices of electronic gadgets.

Drive Back

Meaning: To force someone or something to retreat.

Example: The army drove back the invaders after a fierce battle.

Drive Around

Meaning: To travel or move around an area by vehicle.

Example: Let’s drive around the city to see the sights.

Drive In

Meaning: To push or hammer something into a surface.

Example: He drove in the last nail to finish the project.

Drive Through

Meaning: To pass through a place without stopping.

Example: We decided to drive through the town instead of stopping for lunch.

Drive Over

Meaning: To run over something or someone with a vehicle.

Example: Be careful not to drive over the children’s toys in the driveway.

Drive At

Meaning: To hint or suggest indirectly.

Example: I couldn’t understand what he was driving at during the conversation.

Drive Into

Meaning: To collide with something or someone by vehicle.

Example: He accidentally drove into the garage door.

Drive On

Meaning: To continue driving without stopping.

Example: Despite the bad weather, they drove on to reach their destination.

Drive For

Meaning: To aim or strive for a particular goal.

Example: She is driving for success in her new business venture.

Drive Toward

Meaning: To move in the direction of a particular goal or destination.

Example: We are driving toward the creation of a more inclusive society.

Drive Out Of

Meaning: To leave a place by vehicle.

Example: They drove out of the city early in the morning.

Drive Across

Meaning: To travel across a place or region by vehicle.

Example: We drove across the country last summer.

Drive Off With

Meaning: To steal something and leave by vehicle.

Example: The thief drove off with the valuable painting.

Drive Along

Meaning: To move or travel in the same direction as a road or path.

Example: We drove along the scenic coastal road.

Drive Aside

Meaning: To move something out of the way by force.

Example: The bulldozer drove aside the fallen tree blocking the road.

Phrasal Verbs with Drive

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