Phrasal Verbs with Drop

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Phrasal verbs with “drop” often relate to actions involving falling, leaving, or reducing. Below is a list of such phrasal verbs with definitions and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Drop”:

  1. Drop in
  2. Drop out
  3. Drop off
  4. Drop by
  5. Drop down
  6. Drop back
  7. Drop away
  8. Drop behind
  9. Drop through
  10. Drop over
  11. Drop into
  12. Drop off to sleep
  13. Drop dead
  14. Drop everything
  15. Drop across
  16. Drop away from
  17. Drop on
  18. Drop under
  19. Drop out of
  20. Drop overboard

Phrasal Verbs with “Drop” and Their Meanings

Drop In

Meaning: To visit someone informally or without prior notice.

Example: Feel free to drop in whenever you’re in town.

Drop Out

Meaning: To leave or withdraw from a course or activity.

Example: He dropped out of college to pursue a career in music.

Drop Off

Meaning: To deliver someone or something to a particular location; to fall asleep.

Example: I will drop off the package at the post office on my way to work.

Drop By

Meaning: To visit someone or a place informally.

Example: Could you drop by my office when you’re free?

Drop Down

Meaning: To fall or move to a lower position.

Example: The leaves are starting to drop down as autumn approaches.

Drop Back

Meaning: To move back or decrease in position.

Example: He dropped back to third place after leading the race.

Drop Away

Meaning: To diminish gradually.

Example: Attendance at the event started to drop away after lunch.

Drop Behind

Meaning: To fall behind in progress or performance.

Example: Don’t drop behind in your studies, or you’ll struggle to catch up.

Drop Through

Meaning: To fail or not materialize.

Example: Our vacation plans dropped through due to budget constraints.

Drop Over

Meaning: To visit someone casually.

Example: If you’re free this weekend, drop over to my place for a chat.

Drop Into

Meaning: To fall or descend into a place or condition.

Example: The child dropped into a deep sleep after the bedtime story.

Drop Off to Sleep

Meaning: To begin to sleep.

Example: She quickly dropped off to sleep after a long day at work.

Drop Dead

Meaning: To die suddenly.

Example: The actor dropped dead on stage during the final scene.

Drop Everything

Meaning: To stop doing all other activities to focus on something urgent.

Example: When the fire alarm rang, we had to drop everything and evacuate.

Drop Across

Meaning: To visit someone by crossing a particular distance.

Example: I will drop across to your side of town tomorrow.

Drop Away From

Meaning: To lose contact with or disengage from something.

Example: He gradually dropped away from his old friends after moving to a new city.

Drop On

Meaning: To visit or call on someone casually.

Example: I’ll drop on you later to discuss the project.

Drop Under

Meaning: To fall below a certain level or standard.

Example: The temperature dropped under freezing last night.

Drop Out Of

Meaning: To leave or withdraw from something, like a race or a competition.

Example: She had to drop out of the marathon due to an injury.

Drop Overboard

Meaning: To throw something over the side of a ship or boat.

Example: The sailor accidentally dropped his hat overboard.

Phrasal Verbs with Drop

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