Phrasal Verbs with Eat

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Phrasal verbs with “eat” are useful for expressing actions related to consumption, reduction, or destruction. Here’s a detailed list of phrasal verbs with “eat,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Eat”:

  1. Eat up
  2. Eat away
  3. Eat out
  4. Eat in
  5. Eat into
  6. Eat away at
  7. Eat down
  8. Eat off
  9. Eat through
  10. Eat back
  11. Eat out of
  12. Eat around
  13. Eat by
  14. Eat away from
  15. Eat over
  16. Eat at
  17. Eat on
  18. Eat under
  19. Eat out from
  20. Eat over the top

Phrasal Verbs with “Eat” and Their Meanings

Eat Up

Meaning: To consume completely or finish eating.

Example: Make sure to eat up all your vegetables before leaving the table.

Eat Away

Meaning: To gradually destroy or erode.

Example: The acidic water is eating away at the metal pipes.

Eat Out

Meaning: To dine at a restaurant rather than at home.

Example: Let’s eat out tonight to celebrate your promotion.

Eat In

Meaning: To dine at home instead of at a restaurant.

Example: We’re trying to save money, so we’ll eat in this weekend.

Eat Into

Meaning: To reduce or consume a portion of something, especially time or money.

Example: The repairs are eating into our vacation savings.

Eat Away At

Meaning: To cause persistent anxiety or worry.

Example: The guilt of lying to her friend was eating away at her.

Eat Down

Meaning: To reduce or diminish.

Example: His constant criticism ate down her confidence.

Eat Off

Meaning: To consume food directly from a particular surface or dish.

Example: The children were eating off paper plates at the picnic.

Eat Through

Meaning: To consume or destroy something completely.

Example: The termites have eaten through the wooden beams of the house.

Eat Back

Meaning: To retract or take back something said.

Example: He tried to eat back his rude comments once he realized their impact.

Eat Out Of

Meaning: To consume food from a particular container or place.

Example: He was eating out of a takeaway box while watching TV.

Eat Around

Meaning: To consume selectively, avoiding certain items.

Example: She ate around the onions because she didn’t like their taste.

Eat By

Meaning: To subsist on or maintain oneself through minimal means.

Example: During the tough times, they ate by selling homemade snacks.

Eat Away From

Meaning: To diminish something gradually from its original amount.

Example: Unexpected expenses are eating away from their retirement fund.

Eat Over

Meaning: To consume more than expected or needed.

Example: He tends to eat over his limit at buffets.

Eat At

Meaning: To consume food at a specific place or location.

Example: We used to eat at that café every Sunday.

Eat On

Meaning: To gradually consume resources or provisions.

Example: The long journey ate on their limited supply of food.

Eat Under

Meaning: To consume or diminish something beneath a surface.

Example: The rust was eating under the car’s paint job.

Eat Out From

Meaning: To consume or reduce something from within.

Example: The termites have eaten out from the inside of the wooden chair.

Eat Over The Top

Meaning: To overindulge or exceed reasonable consumption.

Example: They ate over the top at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Phrasal Verbs with Eat

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