Phrasal Verbs with Fill

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Phrasal verbs with “fill” are versatile and useful for describing actions related to occupation, completion, or satisfaction.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Fill”:

  1. Fill in
  2. Fill in for
  3. Fill out
  4. Fill up
  5. Fill up on
  6. Fill to capacity
  7. Fill with
  8. Fill someone in
  9. Fill in the blanks
  10. Fill out an application
  11. Fill up a tank
  12. Fill out a form
  13. Fill in a gap
  14. Fill someone’s shoes
  15. Fill one’s plate
  16. Fill one’s boots
  17. Fill someone’s head
  18. Fill in one’s details
  19. Fill up completely
  20. Fill something up with

Phrasal Verbs with “Fill” and Their Meanings

Fill In

Meaning: To complete by adding information; to substitute temporarily.

Example: Please fill in the form with your contact details.

Fill In For

Meaning: To substitute for someone temporarily.

Example: Can you fill in for me at work while I’m on vacation?

Fill Out

Meaning: To complete a form; to gain weight or become larger.

Example: Fill out the application and return it to the HR office.

Fill Up

Meaning: To make full or occupy completely.

Example: We filled up the car’s fuel tank before leaving.

Fill Up On

Meaning: To consume a lot of a specific food.

Example: Don’t fill up on snacks before dinner.

Fill To Capacity

Meaning: To occupy something to its fullest extent.

Example: The conference hall was filled to capacity for the event.

Fill With

Meaning: To become or make full with something.

Example: The pool was filled with water for the summer season.

Fill Someone In

Meaning: To give information or updates to someone.

Example: Can you fill me in on the latest developments in the project?

Fill In the Blanks

Meaning: To complete missing information.

Example: Use the clues to fill in the blanks in the crossword puzzle.

Fill Out an Application

Meaning: To complete an application form with required details.

Example: He filled out an application for the new job position.

Fill Up a Tank

Meaning: To fill the fuel tank of a vehicle.

Example: We stopped at the gas station to fill up the tank.

Fill Out a Form

Meaning: To complete a form with necessary information.

Example: All participants must fill out a registration form.

Fill In a Gap

Meaning: To complete missing parts or provide what is lacking.

Example: The new employee will fill in the gap left by the departing manager.

Fill Someone’s Shoes

Meaning: To take over someone’s role and perform satisfactorily.

Example: It’s not easy to fill someone’s shoes after they retire.

Fill One’s Plate

Meaning: To have many responsibilities or tasks.

Example: She has filled her plate with too many commitments this year.

Fill One’s Boots

Meaning: To have enough or more than enough of something enjoyable.

Example: We filled our boots with delicious food at the buffet.

Fill Someone’s Head

Meaning: To provide someone with information, often excessively.

Example: Don’t let others fill your head with false information.

Fill In One’s Details

Meaning: To complete a form by adding personal information.

Example: Please fill in your details in the registration form.

Fill Up Completely

Meaning: To become totally full.

Example: After the meal, I felt completely filled up.

Fill Something Up With

Meaning: To make something full by adding a particular substance.

Example: We filled the basket up with fresh vegetables from the market.Phrasal Verbs with Fill

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