Phrasal Verbs with Fade

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Phrasal verbs with “fade” help convey actions related to gradual disappearance, reduction, or weakening. Here’s a list of phrasal verbs with “fade,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 0 phrasal verbs with “Fade”:

  1. Fade away
  2. Fade out
  3. Fade in
  4. Fade down
  5. Fade off
  6. Fade back
  7. Fade into
  8. Fade from
  9. Fade through
  10. Fade across

Phrasal Verbs with “Fade” and Their Meanings

Fade Away

Meaning: To gradually disappear, weaken, or lose strength.

Example: The music slowly faded away as the night came to an end.

Fade Out

Meaning: To reduce in intensity or volume until completely silent or invisible.

Example: The lights gradually faded out, leaving the stage in complete darkness.

Fade In

Meaning: To increase in intensity or volume gradually.

Example: The music faded in, marking the start of the film.

Fade Down

Meaning: To reduce or lower the intensity or volume.

Example: The DJ faded down the music as the event was ending.

Fade Off

Meaning: To gradually decrease and disappear or stop.

Example: Her laughter faded off as she realized no one else was amused.

Fade Back

Meaning: To return gradually after decreasing or weakening.

Example: His memory started to fade back as he recovered from amnesia.

Fade Into

Meaning: To gradually blend or merge into something else.

Example: The purple sky faded into a deep blue as the sun set.

Fade From

Meaning: To gradually disappear or diminish from a place or situation.

Example: His enthusiasm faded from the team after losing several matches.

Fade Through

Meaning: To transition smoothly between two different elements.

Example: The commercial faded through to the next scene without interruption.

Fade Across

Meaning: To gradually transition or pass from one side to the other.

Example: The radio signal faded across the frequency as we drove through the tunnel.Phrasal Verbs with Fade

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