Phrasal Verbs with Find

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Phrasal verbs with “find” are particularly useful when talking about discovering, understanding, or obtaining something. Below is a list of 20 phrasal verbs involving “find,” along with their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Find”:

  1. Find out
  2. Find out about
  3. Find on
  4. Find in
  5. Find for
  6. Find against
  7. Find up
  8. Find over
  9. Find by
  10. Find at
  11. Find among
  12. Find into
  13. Find through
  14. Find upon
  15. Find across
  16. Find with
  17. Find around
  18. Find alongside
  19. Find within
  20. Find beside

Phrasal Verbs with “Find” and Their Meanings

Find Out

Meaning: To discover or learn new information.

Example: I just found out that my favorite restaurant is closing down.

Find Out About

Meaning: To discover information regarding a particular subject or topic.

Example: I need to find out about the new project guidelines.

Find On

Meaning: To discover something on a specific subject.

Example: The information you are looking for can be found on the website.

Find In

Meaning: To discover or encounter something within a particular context.

Example: You will find the answer in the last chapter of the book.

Find For

Meaning: To make a decision in favor of someone in a legal or formal dispute.

Example: The jury found for the defendant in the case.

Find Against

Meaning: To make a decision against someone in a legal or formal dispute.

Example: The court found against the company for violating labor laws.

Find Up

Meaning: To gather or collect together.

Example: She found up all the documents needed for the application.

Find Over

Meaning: To discover while reviewing something.

Example: The accountant found over several discrepancies in the financial report.

Find By

Meaning: To discover something by means of a particular method.

Example: I found the solution by experimenting with different approaches.

Find At

Meaning: To discover something located at a specific place.

Example: You can find the best deals at the weekend market.

Find Among

Meaning: To locate something amidst a group or collection.

Example: She found her lost bracelet among the pile of clothes.

Find Into

Meaning: To discover something by entering into a situation or location.

Example: They found into the old barn and stumbled upon hidden treasure.

Find Through

Meaning: To discover or obtain by persevering through a situation.

Example: He found through the challenges to achieve his goals.

Find Upon

Meaning: To discover by chance or accident.

Example: While hiking, they found upon a beautiful waterfall.

Find Across

Meaning: To discover while moving or traveling across something.

Example: I found across a quaint little bookstore on my trip to the city.

Find With

Meaning: To discover something in association with another item or person.

Example: The missing keys were found with her jacket.

Find Around

Meaning: To discover by searching in the surrounding area.

Example: I found around the house and eventually located my phone.

Find Alongside

Meaning: To locate next to or in parallel with something.

Example: The ancient relics were found alongside the riverbank.

Find Within

Meaning: To discover inside or within something.

Example: He found within himself the strength to keep going.

Find Beside

Meaning: To locate next to or in proximity to something.

Example: She found her wallet beside the sofa.Phrasal Verbs with Find

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