Phrasal Verbs with Get

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Phrasal verbs with “get” are extremely common in English, conveying a range of meanings related to movement, obtaining, or achieving something. Below is a list of 20 phrasal verbs involving “get,” along with their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Get”:

  1. Get up
  2. Get down
  3. Get over
  4. Get across
  5. Get along
  6. Get through
  7. Get by
  8. Get away
  9. Get out
  10. Get in
  11. Get back
  12. Get on
  13. Get off
  14. Get around
  15. Get ahead
  16. Get into
  17. Get behind
  18. Get at
  19. Get along with
  20. Get rid of

Phrasal Verbs with “Get” and Their Meanings

Get Up

Meaning: To rise or stand from a lower position.

Example: I get up at 6 AM every day to exercise.

Get Down

Meaning: To lower oneself; to feel sad or depressed.

Example: After hearing the bad news, he got down and stayed home all day.

Get Over

Meaning: To recover from something, often emotionally.

Example: It took him months to get over the breakup.

Get Across

Meaning: To successfully communicate or convey an idea.

Example: The teacher got across the concept well to her students.

Get Along

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.

Example: Despite their differences, the siblings get along well.

Get Through

Meaning: To pass or complete something difficult.

Example: He got through the challenging course with sheer determination.

Get By

Meaning: To manage or survive, especially financially.

Example: She gets by on a modest salary but is very content.

Get Away

Meaning: To escape or take a break from something.

Example: We plan to get away to the mountains this weekend.

Get Out

Meaning: To leave a place or escape from a situation.

Example: She wanted to get out of the noisy party and head home.

Get In

Meaning: To enter a place, vehicle, or situation.

Example: I managed to get in just before the concert started.

Get Back

Meaning: To return to a previous position or location.

Example: I left my jacket at the office and need to get back to pick it up.

Get On

Meaning: To board a vehicle or to make progress with something.

Example: They got on the train just before it departed.

Get Off

Meaning: To leave a vehicle or place; to finish work.

Example: I get off at 5 PM and head straight home.

Get Around

Meaning: To move or travel to different places.

Example: The public transportation system makes it easy to get around.

Get Ahead

Meaning: To advance or make progress, often in a career or financially.

Example: To get ahead in her career, she took additional training courses.

Get Into

Meaning: To become involved in an activity or situation.

Example: He got into trouble after hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Get Behind

Meaning: To fall behind schedule or to support someone.

Example: I got behind on my work due to a family emergency.

Get At

Meaning: To reach or imply something indirectly.

Example: I’m not sure what you’re getting at; could you clarify your point?

Get Along With

Meaning: To have a friendly relationship with someone.

Example: She gets along with her coworkers and enjoys her job.

Get Rid Of

Meaning: To remove or dispose of something unwanted.

Example: I’m trying to get rid of old clothes that I no longer wear.Phrasal Verbs with Get

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