Phrasal Verbs with Give

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Phrasal verbs with “give” are commonly used to describe acts of handing over, yielding, or producing. Here’s a comprehensive list of 20 phrasal verbs with “give,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Give”:

  1. Give away
  2. Give back
  3. Give in
  4. Give up
  5. Give out
  6. Give off
  7. Give over
  8. Give into
  9. Give way
  10. Give forth
  11. Give oneself up
  12. Give oneself over to
  13. Give off to
  14. Give up on
  15. Give out at
  16. Give up to
  17. Give back to
  18. Give over to
  19. Give onto
  20. Give in to

Phrasal Verbs with “Give” and Their Meanings

Give Away

Meaning: To distribute for free or reveal a secret.

Example: The store is giving away free samples to promote their new product.

Give Back

Meaning: To return something to its original owner.

Example: Please give back the book once you’re finished reading it.

Give In

Meaning: To yield or surrender.

Example: Despite the pressure, she refused to give in to her critics.

Give Up

Meaning: To stop trying or quit something.

Example: After several failed attempts, he decided to give up learning French.

Give Out

Meaning: To distribute or emit something.

Example: The teacher gave out the test papers to the students.

Give Off

Meaning: To emit or produce (a smell, light, etc.).

Example: The flowers give off a pleasant fragrance.

Give Over

Meaning: To hand over control or responsibility.

Example: He gave over the project to his assistant.

Give Into

Meaning: To finally yield to something or someone.

Example: He gave into the temptation and ate the chocolate cake.

Give Way

Meaning: To collapse or yield under pressure.

Example: The bridge gave way due to the weight of the truck.

Give Forth

Meaning: To produce or emit (formal).

Example: The plant gives forth a sweet aroma.

Give Oneself Up

Meaning: To surrender to authorities.

Example: The fugitive gave himself up to the police after two weeks on the run.

Give Oneself Over To

Meaning: To dedicate oneself completely to something.

Example: She gave herself over to her passion for painting.

Give Off To

Meaning: To emit or release to a specific direction or group.

Example: The factory gives off fumes to the nearby neighborhood.

Give Up On

Meaning: To lose hope or faith in someone or something.

Example: I won’t give up on you, no matter how tough things get.

Give Out At

Meaning: To distribute or announce at a particular event or location.

Example: The prizes were given out at the awards ceremony.

Give Up To

Meaning: To dedicate oneself entirely to something or someone.

Example: He gave up to his studies to excel in his exams.

Give Back To

Meaning: To return something to its original location or context.

Example: He gave the borrowed book back to the library.

Give Over To

Meaning: To devote oneself or one’s time to a particular cause.

Example: He gave over to charity work after retirement.

Give Onto

Meaning: To lead directly to a particular place.

Example: The balcony gives onto a beautiful view of the city.

Give In To

Meaning: To succumb to or yield to a force, emotion, or person.

Example: Don’t give in to negative thoughts.Phrasal Verbs with Give

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