Phrasal Verbs with Fall

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Phrasal verbs with “fall” often relate to actions involving descent, decline, or unintentional movement. Understanding these phrasal verbs will help you convey such ideas clearly and naturally.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Fall”:

  1. Fall apart
  2. Fall back
  3. Fall back on
  4. Fall behind
  5. Fall down
  6. Fall for
  7. Fall in
  8. Fall in with
  9. Fall into
  10. Fall off
  11. Fall out
  12. Fall out with
  13. Fall over
  14. Fall through
  15. Fall to
  16. Fall under
  17. Fall upon
  18. Fall over backwards
  19. Fall in love
  20. Fall by the wayside

Phrasal Verbs with “Fall” and Their Meanings

Fall Apart

Meaning: To disintegrate or collapse.

Example: The chair fell apart when I tried to sit on it.

Fall Back

Meaning: To retreat or withdraw.

Example: The army fell back to its base after the attack.

Fall Back On

Meaning: To rely on something in times of need.

Example: When his business failed, he fell back on his savings.

Fall Behind

Meaning: To lag or progress more slowly than others.

Example: She fell behind in her studies due to illness.

Fall Down

Meaning: To collapse or trip.

Example: Be careful not to fall down the stairs.

Fall For

Meaning: To be deceived or to fall in love with someone.

Example: He fell for the scam and lost his money.

Fall In

Meaning: To collapse inward.

Example: The roof fell in due to the heavy snowfall.

Fall In With

Meaning: To agree with or become friendly with a group.

Example: She fell in with a new group of friends at college.

Fall Into

Meaning: To start doing something by chance or unintentionally.

Example: He fell into teaching after initially planning to be a lawyer.

Fall Off

Meaning: To decrease or drop in quantity or quality.

Example: Sales have fallen off dramatically this quarter.

Fall Out

Meaning: To have a disagreement that ends a relationship.

Example: The two friends fell out over a misunderstanding.

Fall Out With

Meaning: To argue or have a disagreement with someone.

Example: He fell out with his brother over inheritance issues.

Fall Over

Meaning: To trip and fall to the ground.

Example: The toddler fell over while trying to walk.

Fall Through

Meaning: To fail or not happen as planned.

Example: Their vacation plans fell through due to the pandemic.

Fall To

Meaning: To start doing something enthusiastically.

Example: After the speech, everyone fell to eating and drinking.

Fall Under

Meaning: To come under a specific category or influence.

Example: This project falls under the jurisdiction of the finance department.

Fall Upon

Meaning: To attack or come across something unexpectedly.

Example: The thieves fell upon the tourists and stole their valuables.

Fall Over Backwards

Meaning: To make an extraordinary effort to help someone.

Example: The staff fell over backwards to accommodate the VIP guests.

Fall In Love

Meaning: To begin to love someone romantically.

Example: They fell in love at first sight.

Fall By the Wayside

Meaning: To fail to continue or be successful in something.

Example: Many new businesses fall by the wayside due to lack of funding.

Phrasal Verbs with Fall

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