Phrasal Verbs with Go

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Phrasal verbs with “go” are crucial in English expressions, often describing movement, change, or involvement in activities. Here’s a comprehensive list of 20 phrasal verbs with “go,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Go”:

  1. Go after
  2. Go against
  3. Go ahead
  4. Go along
  5. Go around
  6. Go away
  7. Go back
  8. Go by
  9. Go down
  10. Go for
  11. Go in
  12. Go into
  13. Go off
  14. Go on
  15. Go out
  16. Go over
  17. Go through
  18. Go under
  19. Go up
  20. Go with

Phrasal Verbs with “Go” and Their Meanings

Go After

Meaning: To pursue or chase someone or something.

Example: The detective went after the suspect immediately.

Go Against

Meaning: To oppose or be in conflict with something or someone.

Example: His actions go against the rules of the company.

Go Ahead

Meaning: To proceed with something.

Example: Go ahead with your plan; I’ll support you.

Go Along

Meaning: To accompany someone or follow a plan.

Example: I’ll go along with your suggestion.

Go Around

Meaning: To be enough for everyone to have a share.

Example: There isn’t enough pizza to go around.

Go Away

Meaning: To leave a place or disappear.

Example: The headache won’t go away unless you rest.

Go Back

Meaning: To return to a previous place or situation.

Example: I can’t wait to go back to my hometown.

Go By

Meaning: To pass or move past.

Example: Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun.

Go Down

Meaning: To decrease, descend, or be remembered.

Example: The sun goes down early in winter.

Example 2: This event will go down in history.

Go For

Meaning: To try to achieve or choose something.

Example: She decided to go for the higher-paying job.

Go In

Meaning: To enter a place.

Example: They went in to see the movie together.

Go Into

Meaning: To discuss or investigate in detail.

Example: The professor went into the history of the Renaissance.

Go Off

Meaning: To explode or sound loudly.

Example: The alarm clock went off at 6 AM.

Example 2: The fireworks went off with a bang.

Go On

Meaning: To continue or happen.

Example: The show must go on despite the technical issues.

Example 2: What’s going on here?

Go Out

Meaning: To leave one’s home to socialize or date.

Example: They went out for dinner last night.

Go Over

Meaning: To review or examine carefully.

Example: Let’s go over the report before the meeting.

Go Through

Meaning: To endure or experience something difficult.

Example: She went through a lot after her father’s death.

Go Under

Meaning: To fail or sink.

Example: Many small businesses went under during the recession.

Go Up

Meaning: To increase or rise.

Example: Prices of essential commodities have gone up lately.

Go With

Meaning: To match or complement.

Example: These shoes go with almost any outfit.

Phrasal Verbs with Go

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